2007 Virginia FIRST Robot Rumble

thanks for the pictures man , i was rooting for yall the entire competition. Oh ya thanks for the PVC again

Ever since our team started attending off-season events I have noticed that the students who participate tend to assume leadership or other high-profile roles the next season. I think that is more than simple coincidence. :smiley:

I see that Jane spotlighted the quote above. Good call. :slight_smile:

Was a ton of fun. We (975 and 1086) nearly had 339 and 1522 in the Quarterfinals. Took em four matches to beat us :). Hey, did anyone get a picture/video of the “tube people” doing the Hokey Pokey?

i’m afraid to say i don’t have any pictures of the ummm…entertainment :yikes: next year, i’ll be bringing being a digital camera to record as much as we can!

i had a great time. even though our robots arm fell off (heh) the 4 of us that could make it had a blast. Thanks to everyone who helped make that competition happen, and i hope to see everyone back next year!

Yeah, the Rumble totally rocked this year. Just thought I’d add another concurrence…:slight_smile: Lotsa gracious professionalism…
By the way, this was incredible because it was totally a defense dominated competition. It was totally the ramp bots who ruled the day.
And 975 and 1086–you guys rocked!
Great job t’all the robot-lovin’ homies in FIRST!


Team 339

i got some!