2007 Waterloo Regional

Hey Guys, who’s going? This is our choice for our second regional. Well actually, it will come before GTR…


Registration closed on December 1.

I probably should have said this earlier when registration was still open. But I must convey my appreciation for the Waterloo Regional and the great experience I had last year. Out of all the competitions we went to last year (Waterloo, GTR, and the Championship), Waterloo was my favorite. There are several reasons for this, many because how it is a smaller regional (maybe too small this year…). The regional is held at the University of Waterloo and has a great venue with the pits right beside the field, and is a very open environment. Because it is a smaller regional you really get a chance to play with and get to know most of the teams. I know my team last year made great connections with many of the teams that went there, especially 188, 771, 1114, and 1503.

I have heard the argument that you get the same teams at GTR, which is 95% true, but the fact is that GTR is HUGE there are 65+ teams and you rarely will play the same team twice. I would say to all Canadian teams who are not coming to Waterloo that think of GTR as the Canadian Championship (very similar environment to a championship division), and that Waterloo is a competition where everyone can be competitive. We used it last year as our warm-up to GTR the next weekend, and we got far more out of it than we had imagined.

I would also say that I have met more friends at Waterloo than I have at any of the GTR competitions, because of the much closer environment. Currently there are 17 teams signed up (and a couple pending, 610 included), I hope we get a good turnout this year because it is a great event which deserves our support.

There are currently 13 teams pending for Waterloo.

I want to support Jonathan’s comments above. For me personally and for my team, Waterloo 2006 was a great experience. While we won’t be back for 2007 (Boilermaker in Week 3 is so much closer, and will let us compete with some of the Midwestern teams that are coming to our home regional in Week 1) we will certainly have Waterloo on our short list of choices for a second regional in future years. They have a world-class organizing committee and volunteer staff, and the local teams are an inspiration to work with and to compete against. And then there’s Karthik – an all around great guy and for my money the most entertaining emcee in FIRST.

How many teams are there right now entered into the Waterloo Regional?

Team 1592 from all the way down in Florida is coming up to Waterloo. Hope its not too cold because we aren’t that used to weather below 30… lol

Unless there is a bad cold snap, average march weather in waterloo is between -10C and 0C (ummm, like 15F to 32F I guess).

Here’s the waterloo weather station report for last march: http://www.weather.uwaterloo.ca/download/historical/2006/2006-03.pdf

i think in april it shouldn’t be too cold

Hey, were going to the Waterloo Regional, the team went for the past two years also, but our team name and number was different.

1565 will be here, This will be our second time… Seeing as we didnt do first last year… (teacher problems grrr :frowning: ) but were back full swing… and no worries about weather it has rarely dropped below minus 10 celcieus all winter. So apirl should be fine! That is when it is right?

The Waterloo Regional is March 22nd to March 24th almost april!!! :slight_smile:

This will be our first year doing 2 events, and our first year at Waterloo. Usually we were a GTR only team…
Is it held right at the university?
Anyone know where on Campus its held?
I know the school fairly well have half adozen friends who now go there. Also any of the regulars know a good hotel near by?..


Yes it is held right on the campus in the PAC (Physical Activities Complex). Look for “PAC” on this map (upper left corner of the main campus): http://www.uwaterloo.ca/map/map.php

The past couple years my team has stayed at the Holiday Inn Kitchener and it has worked out well!

Click for directions to the campus from that hotel.

Team 2200 will be there, the whole 13 of us.

Rookie Year, we will see how everything stacks up. I cant wait… now, back to working on the robot. We are slowly falling behind.

  • Bochek

Thats more than we have - and we are in our fourth year! Keep up the good work! Its a challenge for everyone, don’t worry if you are falling behind - just try to catch up!

well Waterloo regional is this weekend. 1281 won’t be there, but i’ll probably go up on Saturday and do some scouting, for GTR next weekend.

I’m so jazzed for this. Going to be doing concessions on thursday for the Waterloo swim team, then will probably hang out with the local team 1565. Since 1281 broke my heart and isn’t coming, I’ll just cheer for someone else.

I will be the game announcer. With Karthik as the MC and me as the announcer, I expect some crazy antics.

I am just glad we have the bandsaws and drill presses back in the pits to try to cover some of those “crazy antics” from the field.

We may be able to work out something where Karthik can ride out on the go-cart Truck bed to the field during opening ceremonies as Blair has in the past, but sorry Paul, you will have to ride on the trailer. :smiley: