2007 West Michigan Regional

Here’s the thread about the West Michigan Regional. 14 teams signed up right now. Apple Corps team 93 and The Beast team 71 are both returning, Apple Corps after one year and The Beast after two years of being away. I can’t wait to see Beatty Live and in person in action again. As always there are teams 107, 141, and 288. Of course, you can count on team 85 to be there too. There are also three new teams, 2015, 2048, and 2054. They are going to have a blast there.

This is going to be a good regional. Hopefully some more familiar teams, and some unfamiliar teams, sign up and join us.

THe Martians are planning on going and team 70 is planing on keeping the title in goodrich.

We also will probably be there it is more than likely, it always is a good competition and I always have fun there. so see you there. :slight_smile:

703 plans on going as well.

Team 858 will be there. Ready to Rumble!!

HOT can’t wait!

West Michigan is looking to be a tough regional. Betty and Wildstang are on the pending list after being gone for a couple of years. Along with Rush, Killer Bees, Huskies, Fliers (66), Hot Team, Truck Town.

If we go anywhere, it’ll be west michigan.

As of the time of this post there are 26 teams pending for the competition. There are only 19 spots left. :ahh: Only the Midwest Regional has more teams pending that spots left other than West Michigan, with 5 left and 7 teams waiting for Midwest. Boilermaker has 10 spots and 10 teams waiting. All of the other regionals either are full or don’t have more teams waiting than spots left.

Can you really believe that so many teams want too go to the West Michigan Regional! :smiley: Because every year you hear “that pound for pound, West Michigan is the toughest regional around.” :cool: With the teams that are going, I truly believe we will be watching one of the top, and toughest, regionals this year. And not just from the veteran teams, but from the rookies too.

I know. It’s going to be like the West Michigan version of the Midwest regional. Now I’m glad I’m at GVSU. I can hop across the road from my apartment efficiency dorm and revel in the adrenaline, and cheer on all of the teams without having to spend any gas to participate in the event.

We have been having discussion about what regionals we were going to, and wiht the dates as they are this year, we couldnt go tot he ones we wanted to. But fortunatley for us, this one is right around our corner, and then to add to it, theres going to be our midwest rivals ( betty and wildstang who beat us for the championship in 2005 ). Not to mention the other powerhouse teams that will be there. Im actually glad that we are going here now.

Can we officially say that this is going to be the toughest regional in the mid west? this is going to be one heck of an event and we will see everyone there. :wink:

Pending fundage, 1529 hopes to be there again. We were blown away by the level of competition, and we look to be inspired again this year.

It official, we are going to West Michigan. We were signed up earlier in the week, but I didn’t want to talk just yet. Also as of tonight, teams 33, 68, and 111 are signed up as well. These were the only teams that stood out to me from the 5 or so that have registered this week. There 33 teams registered, with only 11 spots left and 32 teams waiting to get in.

With only six spots left for West Michigan and 30 teams waiting to get in, I think there are going to be some good teams that get left out.

226 Hammerheads are registered as of earlier this week.

1816 would love to go beyond all belief… specifically me… but we have to figure out funding/mentor and chaperone availability before we can commit… hope to see you all there! Fingers are crossed.

When all is said and done there will be 54 teams at the West Michigan Regional. This was confirmed at our regional committee meeting Monday. So with 30 teams bidding on 16 spots, I would get your money in soon.

Same layout as last year with split pits. We are also looking at the possibility of adding another practice field. One for each pit area. Confirmation to come later.

I like to refer this regional as “The Battle on the Grand” since the GVSU campus is along the Grand River.


I think you and the planning committee did a great job last year,if their is anything I can do to help please call or e-mail.If you need help with a practice field I think Team 107 could help.

Jim Schaddelee
team 107

I may be wrong but i think Team 469 Las Guerrillas is definitely going to West Michigan. If we aren’t in already then we are definitely on the wait-list for it. Hope to see all of you guys there! Have fun!