2007 Wk 2 Regionals & Daylight Saving Time

If your team is attending a week 2 FRC regional in 2007 (Arizona, Bayou, Fiinger Lakes, Florida, Great Lakes, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh or Wisconsin) and you will be traveling home on Sunday, please note the new Daylight Saving Time legislation will go into effect that morning, March 11. This is a change from previous years when it occured in April. You don’t want to miss your bus or train or plane!

See the Wikipedia article for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_Policy_Act_of_2005

If you’re attending the Arizona regional, you might also keep in mind that we do NOT have daylight saving time in Arizona, so messing with your clock/watch the morning of March 11 could have unexpected consequences.

Your best bet is Time.gov to update yourself or to check your cell phone, i’m pretty sure all providers have updated their systems to send out the time update like normal DST. Usually a power off and power up gets mind to change over.

Ah, yes, I forgot that some areas of the country do not use DST. Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for that Kathie!
But, I do think that a lot of local teams travel home on Saturday night(at least my team does from the Florida regional). And really, it happens at like, 2 in the morning so, it would be more helpful to change it when everyone goes to bed.
Just a thought!
We ship tomarrow!

Time change thoughts:
the time it takes to change time
to spring forward

we’ll be lucky we spring forward and don’t fall back
when lurching out of bed or maybe just lurching - who sleeps during competition? or do we? only time will tell.

Good luck to all this impacts, set those clocks and enjoy that extra hour of daylight in your travel.