2007's game

It has been a while since I have loged. kick off season is not to far away has anyone heard of what this years game is going to be like. :confused:

clowns, bannanas, water, and fish.


they make as little sense to us as they do to you, :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but at least we know where they came from.

This thread may help to clarify what the others have spoken of

Theres going to be a Red vs. Blue battle like Halo 2.

I wish.

You know, I’m kind of curious as to that “game hint”. Is it really the hint for the 2007 game, or not? If not, when is the real game hint coming out? I know in the past the hint has been a riddle, so I don’t think that this is the real hint. Anyone know?

Don’t listen to Joe. He’s just having fun.

There will be a special thread just for next years game hint.

I give it about a week after money is due.

(why I deleted my last post, instead of editing, I will never know)

Last year it came out the 23 of December, so don’t expect it for a few weeks still.

I think the GDC realises how much we obsess over these, and releases the game hint later so we only lose 2 weeks of sleep as opposed to a whole month.

I imagine it will involve robots.

Well, I just got back from “breaking into” FIRST HQ. The game looks pretty cool, gotta love the electrified field border, watch out for defense, the pneumatic cannon that launches bananas all over the field, which isn’t underwater like most think but, reminiscent of 1992,the field is coated with red blue and white rubber fish, thus making stopping really interesting. the scoring objects are quite interesting, who would have thought, nuts and bolts could be so much fun… especially when they fall underneath the rubber fishes…

i think 2007 will be the best year yet

remember kids, never listen to Big Mike when he is bored

(Ignoring the last line) Wow! I knew it, we are going to have a 1970’s themed underwater battle for peace at the disco!

From a programming aspect, I believe I have heard that this will be the most tedious year yet. As well, the robot will be required to distinguish between three colours of lights, instead of one. Again, this is just what I have heard. .don’t listen to me for sure. My guess is as good as anyones

There goes our team’s entire strategy!!:ahh: (;))
Well…at least most of it.:wink:
I can’t imagine how confused this person must be…so I’m giving this person another link to another discussion about the rules…here it is!
And I second anyone who said that their guess is as good as anyone’s.
And we do mean anyone’s.:stuck_out_tongue:

We have to program the robots for proper dinner table etiquette.

I think that the mailboxes seen last winter will be used…

Acutally, I highly doubt some of those things will be used. Water in, say, a Victor or RC is not going to be good.

I sure hope not, then the robot would have a program that half of our team has no idea about :yikes:

Im thinking water goggles :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the Jello.

I heard you had to chase a clown around a pool and give him a banana, but I may be wrong. :wink: