2008/2009 VEX Robotics Competition Team Registration is OPEN!

The 2008/2009 VEX Robotics Competition season is officially open!!!

Team Registration is now open at RobotEvents.com](http://www.robotevents.com/program.php?event_id=1&sortid=8).

We’re very excited about the 2008/2009 VEX Robotics Competition season – there are already over 40 different events announced and listed! We know how important it is to teams and event organizers to see planned events listed as early as possible, so teams know what options are available in their areas as they plan for the upcoming season and school year.

Over 20 more event listings are being finalized and will be added in the next few weeks, including events in many different US states, countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Canada and numerous countries in Asia. Be sure to check back, as more local events will continually be listed at the above site each week between now and September.

Again, Team registration is open now! Event Registration for many of the listed events will begin next week – once teams have registered and received their official team number, they can go in to sign up for events.

Remember, the team registration fee is only $75 per team for the 2008/2009 season and all schools wishing to register multiple teams will get a $50 discount for all additional teams.

Thanks for posting that. I just registered the first two of the four or five teams that we will be running at our school. We’re planning on playing FTC, too, but it would be a shame to let those great VEX kits sit idle when the cost of entry is so low!

Hopefully early registration will let us grab VEX team #1346a, 1346b, 1346c… etc.


I signed up for three teams for the coming year.

Hopefully early registration will let us grab VEX team #1346a, 1346b, 1346c… etc.

I thought about that, but couldn’t get in my head how a chant would work. (Give me an 8, give me a 1 give me a C, whats that spell? ) So I stuck with the team numbers from last year.

I think our teams are going to do the a,b,c,d thing, should be cool being able to have one team number for the school.

Looks like the teacher is going to sign up the teams next week. With the really low fees, they’re going to be able to register 4 Vex teams for only $150, which is very cool.

Can’t wait for the details on the game and different challenges - we’re going to start working over the summer to get better with the sensors and auto programming so we can do the regular game and the full autonomous challenge.

Man, I can’t believe the low cost of this competition! Great job to those who set this up, I’m sure it will be successful!