2008 actuated forklifts

So, back in 2008 I recall seeing some very clever forklift-type mechanisms involving two actuations - a rotation to lift the ball, and an open-close actuation between the two “arms” to allow picking up balls from a wider range and to make it easier to move them out of the way for a shooter.

Unfortunately, I can’t recall precisely which teams had these. I was hoping someone here would possibly be able to link to relevant videos/pictures/design documentation for these things to facilitate shameless copyin-erm, I mean, inspiration.


The new 5ft height rule is kind of pesky for those folks thinking of using forklifts or arms.

These weren’t “forklifts” attached to an elevator, rather they were rotating forks that placed the balls on top of the robots.

They were similar to our own mechanism from that year, except they had an extra actuation.

Robonauts 2008 had this, but their youtube video has been taken down. Their old website has it, but the site itself is tricky to find. They may have it redirect to their new site.

We had one on our 2008 robot. See the “how we gonna launch” thread for pics

272 and 118 jump to mind immediately.

Not great shots, but here are the best I could find of 272.

You mean these tusks?

FYI, that video no longer plays in the United States. Thanks WMG.

Temporarily reuploaded here sans audio for American viewers. Will take down upon Robonauts request.

Thanks a bunch. I was mostly interested in the geometry/linkage for the second actuation, and it looks from this video like it’s pretty much what I’d have expected it to be.

While their design is different and simpler, I think 1114’s 2008 design is definitely worth taking a look at as well.

another one to look at is 1731 from 2008. you can probably find it from nasa vcu pictures or video.

I believe 384 and 1086 (Both Virginia teams) had this style intake, and you can find their pictures from the VCU event as well on CD Media.

Check out the 2008 robot designs on FRC Designs for some inspiration: http://frcdesigns.com/designs-2008/

FRC Designs is also sharing some past design inspiration articles on the Robot in 3 Days website

Team 39 dominated the Arizona regional with this style of design in 2008. Unfortunately I don’t see a picture of them in CD media.

You could just create a 3-fingered arm on a rotating turret :wink:

Here is a video of 39 in 2008 http://firstvideoarchive.com/2008Archive/index.php?dir=Arizona/&file=az_qf1m1.wmv

I hear that robot is still around…hmmmm…

hmmmm? :wink:

Fun thing we learned today: 20" does not give nearly as good of a wrap around the ball as what was possible in 2008. Coral-ling these balls will be tough.