2008 animation video translated

Dear teams,

As we’ve been doing for a few years, Team #383 has translated (subtitles, no dubbing 'till Dave learns Portuguese) the 2008 animation video, FIRST Overdrive, to Portuguese. We hope this will be a valuable resource to the Brazilian teams, especially rookies, and maybe will inspire at least someone in the FIRST community to learn our beautiful (and, granted, difficult) language. :wink:

The video can be downloaded from our website here or seen on YouTube here.

Please remember that this material is copyrighted and we have specific permission to alter and redistribute it.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Manoel não cosigo baixar do site do 383, e nosso escola está com o youtube bloqueado. Poderia nos dar mais uma opção.

desde de ja obigado,:yikes:

Olá povo!

temos uma opção sim

a 2244 também em parceria com a Brfirst dublou o video, e dessa vez não tem sotaque gaúcho hauhauauhauhuah

O video pode ser baixado aqui, com tamanho aproximado de 23 MB


Let’s get back to English conversation, it’s rude to talk in Portuguese in a forum where we are a minority (and a really tiny one). :wink:

For Portuguese talk, may I suggest a visit to Team 383’s forum: http://www.team383.com.br/forum

Congratulations Team #2244 for dubbing the video! I don’t mean to be rude, but I hope you guys have received permission to redistribute it!

Best regards,