2008 Arizona Regional

Let’s rock the biggest Arizona Regional.
Our robot(39) is Done(99% robots are never done :slight_smile: ) and we can’t wait until the competition.

Yaaahhhoooooooo! Lets go!

The regional should be amazing!

Our bot is complete, sans bumpers and side panels (which should be on today!). We just need to finish some of our magical autonomous modes and get the drivers practicing. I hope we get on an alliance with both of you guys this year. High score maybe? :slight_smile:

Team 125 from boston is comin across the country to be there!

I guess it’s too soon to predict the winners, but let’s just guess.

I would say 1726, 842, and 39 (the bots look very similar)

no offence, but why?

why? hmmmm…because it’s Arizona in March? If you’ve never been, you need to give it a try!

It’s going to be Sunny and 75 degrees here today!
What’s the temperture where you’re at? :yikes:

We’re glad you’ve choosen to come west!

Arizona is gonna be great as usual, can’t wait.

See you all saturday for duel in the desert!

Because we want to!

Team 842 looks forward to meeting ya’ll.

Should be a awesome regional this year! Cant Wait.

I’ll enjoy taking a break from classes to come attend yet another AZ regional. I get to watch this year, haven’t had that leisure since 2003!

Also, high school Seniors, apply for the Steve Sanghi Scholarship! This scholarship is exclusive to seniors on teams attending the AZ regional and going into a technical field so there really isn’t that many eligible applicants in the first place, let alone that apply. As last year’s winner I can say it helps for schooling as well as feels great to get recognized! The scholarship application is only e-mailed to the registered adult team member (I think the one in TIMs?), so it’s easy to miss and overlook.

Team 624 (CRyptonite Robotics) is coming from houston texas for our third go around.

Besides the Lone Star Regional, Arizona has been my all time favorite.

See all of you there.

Also keep an eye out for our teaser coming soon (courtesy of the CRyptonite Robotics Media Team).

Is anyone looking in to webcasting from Phoenix this year? I looked at the other streaming posts, but saw nothing about AZ. NASA didn’t post the AZ link until the last minute in 2007. 1828 is willing to help out, but my only experience is the other delphi posts.

I’ll be contacting the FIRST AZ rep if I don’t hear back from anyone.

See you in Phoenix!

Don’t believe that we are webcasting the regional this year.

The reason we were webcast last year was our Emcee Jeff Seaton, he works for NASA and was able to make it happen.

Will we have a local feed on the big screen? There is lots of help out there from teams that have webcast the local feed, or another camera, at other regionals using ustream.tv. I can even supply the equipment, even an internet connection, if there is none available at the Coliseum.

With the planning committee’s approval I’d like to pursue this. Please contact me. I’ll send you a message.

Sadly I do believe there are rules against bringing in your own internet connection, to the regional. Correct me if im wrong thou.

can never hurt to ask :smiley:

That is correct! You are NOT allowed to bring in your own internet connection to a venue.

How can we get internet access if we are willing ot webcast the competition?