2008 Best Robot Match Ever?

A match that was a nail-biter to the end !
A match that was all about shooting!
A match that had the fastest robot ever!
A match where one or two robots went up against three robots and the one/two robots prevail and won! ANY?
A match in which you feel it was the best match that your team did!

If any of the above matches fits any of these categories, tell us about. Also, if you have a video of the match, provide us a link for viewing.

Philly finals 1, match 2, is one to go in that list!

nj regional. quarter 1 match 1.

teams 25, 103, and 381, the winning alliance, defeated by 1089, 1676, and 449.
Our alliance was the only one to beat the winning alliance in any match. We were also the only ones to keep them under 90 in all three of our matches. Unfortunately we lost, but no shame in losing to the champs!

Midwest Semifinals 1 match 1 ( I think lol could be semi 2.1) 1114 and 1024 vs 16 and 1625

Still one of my favourite matches

Galileo Eliminations and Einstein… wait they haven’t happened yet. They are going to be epic I just know it, Saturday will be fun.

There have been a lot of great matches this year from a lot of different regionals. I remember watching one in Midwest where a robot made a hurdle at the last second to win the match (don’t know what match number). Also in Florida, when 103 was matched up against 3 other robots, they held their own even though they lost the match.

Forgive me for including a match that my team participated in this year, but this was easily my favorite match that we were a part of. The match number is 48.

As to a nail biter, here’s one that I think many will remember from last years’ game on Einstein. Talk about down to the wire!