2008 BMW Raffle

My robotics team, 263, is holding a raffle for a 2008 BMW 328i COUPE. If anyone wants to help us out and buy a ticket send me a PM, or an email. Provided you leave your name and address in the message, I’ll snail mail you a ticket and stub. Mail back the ticket stub and 20 dollars, and you’re set. We’re only selling a max of 3538 tickets. The attachment is a copy of the flier, with a picture of the car and my email. :smiley: -edit: It’s the right attachment this time :o

Raffle flyer.doc (187 KB)

Raffle flyer.doc (187 KB)

Help out a FIRST team by sending money? A chance to win a BMW Coupe?!? At the SAME TIME?!?!? Yah, I guess I can spare a few bucks. :smiley:

BWM? Did you mean that ‘other’ german company maybe?

Bavarian Window Motors?

Since you’re raffling such a high ticket item, you run the chance of being noticed by the local authorities. There is quite a lot of work that needs to be done to run a legal raffle in most states, including New York. Read the following link for more details: http://www.racing.state.ny.us/charitable/faqs_raffle.htm

For example, minors can not sell raffle tickets legally. Also, you have to register with the state gaming and wagering board and the city as well.

Thanks for the advice, and sorry I didn’t check back here fast enough. To the best of my knowledge we’re set as far as the state goes. I was asked by one of the mentors to post this on Delphi for them, but I’m not doing the selling. The sale is officially going through them.

I know I asked about this in my PM to you, but I though the rest of the CD community would be interested as well…

Could you post some of the details of the raffle? Official rules, regs, pick-up info, obligated costs, that kind of thing…:]

I agree. I’m interested in buying a ticket or two, but some more info on what I’m potentially getting would be appreciated.

Along with that kind of information, how about some more information on the car? I know you have a picture of it in the attachment, but perhaps telling us the color (interior/exterior), manual or automatic tranmission, the accessories the car comes with (power windows/doors/locks - which is pretty much a yes haha), the size on the enginer, horse power, and basically anything about the car that would get more interest.

Knowing this may also let people get an idea of insurence :rolleyes: hehe.

I only say this because I’m a car person and the little details help me a lot :smiley: The more knowledge, the better - as if you were trying to sell the car, ya know?

Happy Holidays everyone.
Apparently I put this up too close to the drawing date (Jan. 6 if the flyer didn’t have it, it should have). So my mentor said this for the people who wanted tickets,

AT THIS LATE DATE, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO HANDLE THE TRANSACTION: They have to mail you the check immediately, so we can be sure that it clears. You fill out and keep the stub with their name address and phone number. Then mail them their half. I would even suggest putting a photocopy (library) of the stub with their info in the envelope too.

So that’s what I’m going to be doing, sorry for any inconveniences. If you still want a ticket send an email or PM, with your name, address, phone number and how many you want, and I’ll send back a photocopy of the ticket stub, ticket and who to make the check out for.

For the people who wanted information on the raffle:
-Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner need not be present to win.
Winner to be notified by phone or mail.

  • If less than 3538 tickets are sold, drawing will be for 50% of all cash donations collected
  • Winner may elect to receive a cash buyout of $25,000 in lieu of 2008 BMW 328i Coupe, provided all tickets are sold. Car must be picked up at Competition BMW of Smithtown (NY).
    -For confirmation of receipt of ticket, call (631) 471 - 1400

Finally to the people who are asking about the car’s specs:
I’m sorry but I’m not a car person, I’m horrible at that :frowning:
However, hopefully this site has what you want: http://www.auto123.com/en/new/carinfo/specs.spy?make=BMW&model=3%20Series%20Coupe&year=2008

I know the 328i powers the rear wheels with BMW’s 3.0 Litre I-6 (inline 6 cylinder) engine, pushing ~230hp and gets about 17 mpg city and 26ish mph highway.

beyond that its up to the buyer what package/accessories the car gets.

Our general experience with raffles of this nature for this high of a prize value, is that the state requires you to sell tickets for a certain amount of time. I’m going to guess it was 6 months to a full year for this one.

I would suggest next time you do a raffle like this, just post it here as soon as you know you’re good to go to sell tickets, and you will get a lot more replies with a lot more time to deal with as well.

Good luck with the raffle!