2008 Boilermaker Regional

I searched and failed to find an existing thread discussing the 2008 Boilermaker Regional.

Because it was so much fun in 2007, my team will be returning to Boilermaker for a second year. The field appears to be strong once again. As of this afternoon there are still a few teams pending, so things can only get better.

931 is looking forward to another great event with our friends in Indiana. :slight_smile:

Unless we’re blessed with a surprise windfall, the BMR will be the only regional the CyberCards of Team 1529 will attend. So, we’re determined to make it count.

Boiler Up!

Awesome, we were hoping team 931 would get in! Maybe we can pool our resources for a single bus. We’ve got our work cut out for us representing MO with all of those good teams on the list.

Great idea! A two-team road-trip party, all the way from the Arch to West Lafayette! I’ll tell Frank to give you a call about that! :cool:

w00t! Can’t wait until BMR this year! But then again, I can’t wait until Kickoff this year!

I have heard rumors about a certain horned animal making an appearance at BMR.

Is 829 in for sure or are you still on the waiting list?

829 is registered for St. Louis, but is not on the Boilermaker list right now. There are 6 teams pending.

Just an FYI - the BMR website is down. Purdue changed things with their servers and we are still working on getting it back up. Hopefully this will happen soon.

Thanks and sorry for any inconveinence.

393 is looking forward to the BMR as being one of two regionals we hope to attend this year.
We missed out on it last year, but I think we plan to make it an ‘every other year’ kind of trip. Even though it’s extremely close to us, as compared to other regionals, we still like to see different places.

But, yea. We’re looking forward to the BMR, and seeing all of you there!!

Just so everyone knows the Boilermaker Regional website is back online.

Team 2081 is looking forward to our second year at the Boilermaker. It is so much fun!

Team 135 is definately looking forward to there return to the Boilermaker, I think this is our 4 time? IT’s a great event.

Team 1501 is ready to play again at BMR.
This will be our 4th time there.

Good luck to all.

Unfortunately, Team 1319 will not be attending Boilermaker Regional this year. We have had a great time for the past two seasons, but this year we will be attending a regional closer to home.

Good luck to all the teams attending. I’ll try to watch some of the matches online if possible.

Cyber Blue 234 is attending the boilermaker regional this year.

Warren Robotics #829 is in for BMR. I sent our registration fee in last week (January 15th) and are awaiting a confirmation from FIRST.

Students and Adults!

If you are planning to attend the Team Social at Boilermaker, please make sure you go to our website and signup for your name badge. This is the same as we did last year - and a badge will be required to enter the Team Social facilities after dinner. (the dinner will require a ticket to get in - either pre-paid or at the door).



Boilermaker Regional Teams

Purdue FIRST Programs is working on developing media content to promote FIRST and our program around campus and to sponsors. We would like your help! Purdue FIRST will be sponsoring an elevator pitch competition to promote what FIRST means to you and your team and awarding winners at the Boilermaker Regional.

What is an Elevator Pitch?
An elevator pitch is a concise and well practiced description of a business venture (in this case FIRST) that you would deliver if you found yourself in an elevator with a potential sponsor. In 1-2 minutes, the pitch should describe:

* The FIRST Competition
* Your market and its size (Who do you reach?)
* The support your team receives
* Your leadership, mentors, etc.
* Your competition: Why you chose FIRST instead of other activities?
* What makes FIRST unique?

The video should be no more than two minutes in length. Upload the video to
YouTube no later than March 11th, and forward the link to
PR@purduefirst.org so that we can add it to the Purdue First YouTube
channel. Please include your team name and number. The top videos will receive recognition

at the Boilermaker Regional on March 13-15.

Thank you for your submissions we look forward to seeing them, and good luck!

Two new scholarship programs are now available for the Boilermaker Regional: One for the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology @ IUPUI, and another for Ivy Tech. The deadline is fast approaching for all of these!

Purdue - March 1
IUPUI - March 10
Ivy Tech - March 12

Details for all scholarship programs are available here. Be sure to apply…you just might win :]

Photo Gallery
The Boilermaker Regional has a new photo gallery too. A few pictures from the 2007 event are up now, and we hope to have many more this year!