2008 Chairman Award Entries

Just wondering who all is trying to win Chairmans and where.

I think 79 is going to take the Chairman’s this year.

Actually, I think Maximum OZ, Team 388 will win the Chairman’s Award.

1155 will try to go back to back at NYC.

Why do you think these teams will win? Stating a team number/name is one thing, but saying some of their accomplishments would help us understand why you propose they will win.

I don’t know many teams outside of Canadian ones so I can’t comment on who I think will win the Championships, however we are hoping to win our first Chairman’s Award at Waterloo this year, though there is always tough competition here in the north.

seeing as I asked you to list accomplishments, here *some *of ours:

Started 4 FRC Teams
Hold a local FRC kickoff each year
Started and mentor 12 FLL Teams
Host a FLL Regional (with no entry fee for teams attending)
Hold off season Lego League events
With our main sponsor Bruce Power we started the Safety Program that is now FIRST wide

Thanks for the clarification, it’s my fault I didn’t specify what I was looking in a response but d.courtney had the right idea by stating why their team in the running for the Chairman’s Award

2077 from Wales Wisconsin hpoes to win the chairman’s
award. We made a girl’s robotics team in our school this year
and we are going to host the 1st National Fluid Power Challenge
in our highschool. :cool:

team 25 is submitting at Hawaii because NASA pretty much requires it

But we will have a surprise in store when we get there

he he

WC :cool:

I’d venture that 236 (five consecutive Chairman’s) and 341 (three Chairman’s, two EI) are the early favorites.

I wasn’t being mean with the message. I’m just a straight forward person. LOL!! Good luck to all other teams.

Team 45 is going to submit either at Boilermaker or St. Louis.

Good luck to all the teams submitting.

What about 79 (five consecutive RCAs as well)? 341 will have to win their first RCA in since 2005 to get there as well.

Based on my knowledge of their entries, my early favorites are 612 and 842.
VCU will likely once again be a highly highly competitive regional for the Chairman’s, with past winners 384 (2x), 388, 435 (2x), and 612 (2x) all potentially submitting there. 612 won the intense VCU regional last year (topping 116, 384, 435, and 1002 in the process), snapping 384’s hopes for three consecutive.

The TechnoKats will be running for chairman’s again this year, just this time we are going to try at St. Louis. With 17 years to back us up, I think that’s nuff said.

For those ney sayers: 14 FRC, 2 FVC/FTC, 3 FLL, full field for teams in our area, IRI, ball drop, technobox at local rehabilitation center, girl’s night, girl scout night, state house demo, relay for life, and the list goes on and on and on.

I think that 341 is a favorite in my mind but don’t count out my alma mater wheeler team 1002. they helped to start/help run over 70 teams in the county, they along with their alumni have helped start/given advice to many teams. they have donated over $20,000 to other teams across the US to help them compete.
They run an FLL qualifier and workshop. the workshop has over 200 kids that attend it.
They did over 9000 hours of community service last year, I am not too sure about this year. the club is the second largest in our school with over 120 members… and the list goes on

upon careful consideration, we are entering our own Hawaii regional as well, over the competitive VCU and Chesapeake regionals. We have won in San Jose a few years back.:smiley:

Team 1592 is submitting their Chairman’s award entry at the Denver, Colorado Regional. :smiley:

Carl Hayden HighSchool Flacon Robotics, 842 is submitting our Chairman’s entry at the Arizona Regional.

418 is submitting to Lone Star, our home regional.

We will be submitting at the Lone Star regional as well. Here is a link to a web archive of our document. Comments and or suggestions on what to emphasize during the interview process are welcome.

Team 388 will be submitting to FIRST’s biggest regional. NASA/VCU!!!