2008 Chairman Award Entries

I beg your pardon, but I believe you mean the Greater Toronto Regional. :smiley:

Team 166 will have a Chairman’s Award submission at GSR, like every other year.

I would think that 842 would be one of the stronger teams going into the race for Chairman’s at championship…but there are a lot of things other than the submission that could throw off everyone’s predictions.
After reading their submission, I think they’ve got what its going to take to take it this year, plus their submission is very creative and should stick in the minds of the judges.

As for my team, 612, we are submitting at Buckeye this year. I feel like I’ve said this in all the Chairman’s threads that have been floating around this year and the 2 or 3 VCU threads that have been all over CD.

Actually Connecticut has you beat with 67 teams.

It’s actually now a tie between CT and NYC.

Somehow I have a feeling NYC is going to get a few more teams.

If you go straight to the source and look at FIRST’s teamlists, GTR has 66, CT has 62, and NYC has 64. The Blue Alliance data is either out-of-date or somehow predicting the future.


It is actually the IRI, with 72 (or more) teams … :wink:

Team 812 submitted our Chairman’s Award to San Diego Regional.

We pretty much fell out of our seats when we won yesterday. It is our third Chairman’s Award [2 EI/1 CMP EI]. Congratulations to all the other teams who won at your respective regionals. We are looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Our winning Chairman’s submission can be found here, both online and downloadable.

1086 took home the chairman’s at the NASA VCU Regional Competition in Richmond Virginia

–> For recruiting and doing dean’s homework. :slight_smile:
It also helped to have a new image.

yeah yeah, now where’s a copy for all of us to look at to see what you guys did?

I’ve been away from Robotics for a while, and don’t have my team’s current submission for this year. I’ll post it as soon as I get it from them or have them post it. But here is a quick highlight of what our team has been up to.

  1. Helping start FRC teams in our community, and also mentoring FLL and FRC teams.
  2. Being involved with George Mason University and engineering classes being recognized as college credit for Systems Engineering courses.
  3. Alumni starting FIRST organization on college levels to help out local teams and hold workshops. Internships and Scholarships from our sponsors and FIRST. Last year, seniors scored around $800,000 in scholarship for 4 year college.
  4. Business Structure, that has won us two Entrepreneurship awards. It is also the basis of our fundraising strategies including Corporate Presentations (Brown Bag Lunches) and recruitment.
  5. Partnership with Smithsonian Institute, mainly National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly VA. Students make the core base of their summer internship and discovery station volunteer program. Several Robots have been showcased at the events like Space Day and Air and Scare (Halloween). Featured robots are not only from FRC, but other projects like Ghost Bot that gives out candy and Mars Rovers.
  6. Increasing girls involvement with a program/class called Girls Exploring Engineering GE^2. Currently, our team consists of 1/3 female members with 2/3 in leadership.
  7. Getting involve in school activities and showcasing robots around school and on school News.
  8. Getting a media exposure through the help of local newspaper and channels.
  9. Holding events like FLL regional Tournament and Science and Technology Fair, annually.
  10. Our on going program with Fairfax County Public School, known as FirstSTEP; where the students help make customize robotics wheelchair for kids with different disabilities. Includes a Switch-Activated Baby walker, Voice Activated Wheelchair, Micro-Switch Wheelchair, etc.
  11. Current students helping at George Mason’s Neural Engineering Lab.
  12. Plans with Children’s Museum of Northern Virginia for a Robotics Gallery, designed by Students and Mentors of 612.

These are just some of the points on top of my head.
CONGRATS to all the Chairman’s Award Winners; and 612 is glad to be competing against such great teams.

questions? Please feel free to ask.


Team 2669 KY Bots entry is attached as a pdf file.

It was our Rookie All Star Award submission actually.

Haven’t won though … :frowning:

you forgot to attach it mate

Sorry I did forget to attach it here.
Actually, I did it in another post.

Here’s the link:

On Brian’s computer with everything else. Sorry. :frowning:

1086 Blue Cheese Robotics took home the NASA/VCU Regional and it’s chairman’s awards.