2008 Championship Division Predictions

I haven’t seen this thread pop up yet this year, so I figured I’d start it.

I wrote up this page to make it a bit easier to keep track of changes as new teams qualify and register for the event.



will this be continuously updated until they are actually set?

The page is based on the TBA API, which automatically updates team and event info. So the answer is yes, this will update as time goes on, automatically.

I kinda like where we are at right now… but as it looks right now it seems like the stregth is pretty well spread out

wasent this done serpentine style last year though?

I’m also guessing week 4 winners haven’t been added yet?

u actually like this

That can be changed if need be.

I’m also guessing week 4 winners haven’t been added yet?

u actually like this

All of the week 4 winners are not going to the CMP event. Winning an event qualifies them to go, but they still need to register and pay. Once they have completed this process, their team will be added to the registered team list on the FIRST site, and TBA will update its data accordingly.

And hey, its just for fun!
Who can predict what division/alliance will take home the gold?

I predict Newton or Archimedes…I can’t remember the last time Curie or Galileo won it all.

I’m a little bit scared of what our tentative division looks like (Archimedes so far)… there are so many amazing bots we’re up against. The same goes for all the other divisions, though.

that’s usually how it goes… the best of the best under one roof… everyone is scared

Another useful thing on the tba page. Hey can you guys do the two different ways 07 i think used a different method.

I’ll make an option to switch to serpentine selection when I get home tonight.

That’s because they haven’t.

I’m gonna go ahead and say something along the lines of Newton- 1114, 27…and 11hehehe:rolleyes:

Hey, anything could happen and I just can’t wait to see how it’ll all go down.:cool:

We’ve been on Newton for the past two years… we’re kind of hoping that we get to go to Newton again just to continue the pattern.

If these are the actual divisiosns that would be pretty cool. I would love to be with a lot of the teams on the Curie list. 217 and 365 stick out in my head for teams I wouldn’t be being in a division with. And plus Curie was 816’s original division it’d be nice to go back.

I just had one of those literally AHHHH out loud moments from a sudden burst of excitement.:smiley: I can’t wait to compete with/against all of these amazing teams or to just be in such good company

If you guys are on Newton, I will be cheering for 1114, 1124, and 27 all the way:cool:

Should these be the real divisions, I’d be psyched to be with 71,217,365,968, and 1902. All of those teams fall on my favorite teams list, and who couldn’t love an alliance with the possible name of ThunderBacon? I can hear the cheers now, OINK, OINK, CLUCK!!! lol

The divisions will keep changing as teams trickle in from Week 5 and 6 events and teams finalize their payments. These are neat snapshots, but stay tuned :slight_smile:

This is going to be one :slight_smile: of an event…
I cant wait for Atlanta. im so excited to actually see the teams i hear so much about on CD actually competing.

I also cant wait for our autonomous to see consistency within a competition (=

its kinda sad though that us and 1114 probably arent going to be in the same division (without serpentine)… personally id love to be with them at some point. Good bot, good drivers, good team. (replace(“good”, “excellent”):wink: