2008 Championship Pit Map

FIRST has posted the pit map – No team numbers—

Looks like we are in half the space as previous years, hopefully the pit spaces are the same as last year. New traffic pattern leaving the dome.

Link: http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FRC/Events/2008/Championship/Championship%20Pit%20Map.pdf

86 10x10 pit areas in each of the 4 divisions. That’s a big scouting list!

Looks like it is going to be a tight squeeze this year. Everybody, suck it in.

The word I would use is “cozy”. :slight_smile:

The booth size is the same as before.

What is gone are the large open areas that existed before and the FTC/FLL areas are moved to building B.

What REALLY jumps out is the importance of doing the uncrating on Wednesday evening so the event can spend the night getting the crates out of the way.

Did anyone else notice that there’s an auto show going on at the same time???

I think there was one in the past as well…just it was located in a different part of the convention center…correct me if I’m wrong though. Heard that through someone else…I didn’t actually see it.

Good for sponsorships :slight_smile:

Thank god I lost weight from last year…

Looks like the HoF has a new location…

It looks like the overall event gained a bunch of new space, mostly in the FTC/FLL areas. The FRC area dumped all of the excessively open area but have retained the narrow 10 foot aisles.

new space
C-1 106,500 sq.ft.
B-1 89,500 sq.ft.
B-2 96,000 sq.ft.

old space
C-1 106,500 sq.ft.
C-2 106,000 sq.ft.

I checked on the show’s website - the car show begins the 19th - Saturday will be an interesting time.

I see the car show as the perfect opportunity to gather up some “race fans” to watch the finals on Saturday.

In the past it’s been in the buildings on the upper level, across from the Philips Arena & open grassy area with the statues & what not.

Also in the past, it has been held at the same time, and they packed up & left on Saturdays. (We always saw the cars being loaded out into trailers in the courtyard on the lower level where the FIRST team picture banner is usually.)

Now that the events are in the same hall, I wonder if they’ll have the two events completely blocked off from viewing what’s going on across the boundary line.

It will be blocked off. There are these huge giant dividers that are on tracks so they can section off events.

Admission to the auto show is $ 10. It starts the last day of our event and runs all the next week.

$10 bucks isn’t that bad.
I would pay that and hop in & out of the show and our pit area throughout the day.

Horray for multitasking! :smiley:

The GM tent will be free so that is enough cars for me. It would be really cool if GM showed one of their concept cars in tent on the on Thursday/Friday before the show.

Depending on what day they decide to load the cars in we may be able to get a sneak peak of some of the cars that aren’t “trailer queens” as they set-up the event and roll right by us either outside on the road, ot in the courtyards or access ways inside the venue (presumably Thursday or Friday or even both days).

Here’s some car show info:


This is great for those of us who have late flights on Sunday.

Floor Map of the Auto Show: