2008 championship quotes

“There is a antidote… Smart people who give a d@mn…”-Dean Kamen

“It’s like the WWF…for smart people.”
-President George H.W. Bush

Anyone have a video and could find exactly the quote from BAE Systems CEO on FIRST being the only sport where every competittor can go pro?

Actually videos of all of the quotes would be nice.

I was the coach for the drive team, Field Marshall as we call it, and our drivers had just completed a hurdle with about 10 seconds to go…

With nothing else to be accomplished in the round, Liam our lift/shooter operator says to our driver, “Park it near the exit, I don’t want to carry it far.”

Lol something similar happened with us. Our driver told our arm operator: “Put it in park, it’s a pain carrying it out with the arm out” :stuck_out_tongue:

“Well, we won that match, but it wasn’t because of us.”

– Paul Copioli, during Galileo qualifying

Derek Bessette and I were standing right behind their drive team at the time. We both let loose a hearty chuckle when he unleashed that. The honesty of a WFA winner. Great stuff.

My favorite,

“There is no way Simbotics will get a number one seed, purely due to the exchange rate…” :yikes:
… The student who said this evidently hasn’t been to Canada lately!

There were a lot of silly things said on my team. The one that comes to mind first is actually when we were on the plane on the way there, and one of our team members said out of nowhere, in a completely serious tone, “I hope my ear doesn’t explode.”

After ending Friday 4-1 in 9th place, I told one of my drivers

“Wow, we may actually need scouting data now”

We hadn’t planned on even having a scouting team since we were 43rd out of 44 bots in Philly…

After our team got back from the field during qualifying, Someone said, “What nothing’s broken.” Another quote I said when the team was playing video games in the pit after a qualification match was, “Is there anything more productive we can do right now?”. To which all of them replied, “Nothing’s broken so what else is there to do?”

I had to say that this season more than my share of times. It sucks.