2008 Championship Waiting List

I’m a little intrigued as to how this works since supposedly my team is high on the list (but I have no idea if this is true or not).

If teams win multiple regionals, will other teams be invited to fill in those slots? Because currently there are 16 regional winners who won twice, and there are 13 regional winners not listed on the Championship roster (and if it’s just a case of a few not being added yet, having a non multiple of 3 makes me suspect at least one declined).

Anyone know how this works?

I was on the waiting list last year with 1065. After the last regional and before championship (We literally got the phone call a week before championships) saying that we were being called in as a filler off of the waiting list.

We had clicked or told VIMS when registration first opened up that we wanted to go to Championship- we just never payed…oops!

The Championship can only hold so many spots, which I think they allow for the preregisters and all the regional winners, but I know that FIRST plans for teams winning more than one regional, or a regional and chairmans or something in that nature. You can’t honestly expect 246 different teams to win 3 regional spots, EI, Chairmans and Rookie All Star.

If you have a more specific question just reply back or send me with a PM.

Edit 1:

Last year there was ~80 teams per division I think. Giving ~320, which seems off, I want to say it was more around ~350. The current list stands at 321.

Edit 2:
Using TBA data:
Curie: 86
Galileo: 86
Archimedes: 86
Newton: 86
Total: 344