2008 Cleveland Cage Match at the Ingenuity Festival

Cleveland Cage Match Tournament

Cuyahoga Community College in collaboration with the Ingenuity Festival is offering an exciting robotics challenge called the Cage Match Tournament, which is presented by the FirstEnergy Foundation. Teams will have an opportunity to race their robots around a track, have their robots “Dance the Night Away,” and show off their stuff in the “Trick my Bots” parade. This tournament is for the FRC robots.

Name: Cage Match Tournament
Dates: July 25, 26, 27
Locations: Cleveland, Ohio, during the annual Ingenuity Festival
Contact Information:
Michael Barron
email: [email protected]
Worth Mentioning:
There is no registration fee.
Prizes (tools) will be given to the winning robots.
Special arrangements have been made for lodging at a cost of $50.00 per night.
Tickets will be made available for the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.
The schedule of events is as follows:
Friday Night we will have the “Trick My Bot” parade. Robots will participate in a parade through the streets of Cleveland. You are encouraged to “Trick-Out” your robot using whatever gimmicks you feel will get the crowd excited. This is an opportunity to get creative – think about lights, music, wings, etc. A panel of judges selected from various teams will award points for appearance and presentation. The winning robot gets a set of tools.

Saturday we will start the field competition. We are calling it the “Cage Match” for obvious reasons. Two robots will compete against each other in a race around a 20 x 20 track enclosed in a huge cage. Points will be awarded for crossing the finish line, and extra points will be awarded for pushing a 40” ball around – sound familiar?

In the evening, the robots will get a chance to dance autonomously to your music. This will give the programmers of your team a chance to get really creative and put some moves to music.

We want everyone to have a good time and get an opportunity to show off their robot at the Ingenuity Festival. Space is limited, and requests for participation are available by contacting Michael Barron at [email protected] or calling 216-987-6302.

Sunday the robots will be on display and we will be available to talk with the public. Clean-up will start in the late afternoon.

Here is an image of the Cage Match Arena


and a render I did on SolidWorks… =P


If you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail at [email protected] or post it right on here on the thread. I will send a registration form via e-mail to anyone who is interested in applying.

One Word: CRAZY!!!

Definitely an interesting concept…

who is competing?

We will have room for ten to twelve teams. So far the teams competing are:

1.) 1270
2.) 1532
3.) 1787
4.) 2399
5.) 0234

Teams 0048 and 0120 are not sure if they are going to be able to do it so they are questionable.

I’ll show up just to watch it. Finally, an off-season event close enough for me to attend!

Unfortunately, our team picnic is July 26th, and we have a four-team local demonstration on the 25th, so we cannot make it to your event. I hope you all have a great time!

Big debate!

We are currently debating on how the dance portion of our competition should work and decided to try and get some feedback from this forum. Some feel that the 1 min. dance routine should be autonomous and others feel it should be by remote control. There are pro’s and con’s for each one.

What would you like to see?

The key goal of this event, like most events, is to entertain and capture the interest of spectators, right? Well the more robotic participants, the better, I’d say. I think requiring fully autonomous dance routines might either curtail the number of robots in the competition or dilute the entertainment value should teams struggle with the implementation. If you want to ensure more participants, I’d suggest permitting 100% remote-controlled dancing, but add some kind of significant incentive for using autonomous routines during some/all of the match. If certain teams are successful at implementing fully autonomous dancing, then highlight their accomplishments to the crowd - humans operating robotic dancers are cool, but robots moving and reacting to the music on their own are even cooler!

You could have a ref/timekeeper stand at each operator station and time how long the team uses autonomous routines during their performance (verified by the use of the autonomous switch). Award some kind of score bonus or multiplier tied to the percentage of time autonomous was used in a match.

You could also reward the creation and use of supervisory “hybrid mode” type routines - press a button and the bot enters John Travolta mode. Press another and it becomes Fred Astaire. etc. etc. etc. The process is set forth by a human, but the robot is executing code on its own after that, until interrupted by another button press.

Controls could be simplified even further where button presses execute shorter, more specific dance maneuvers. Establish a set of dance “moves” for each robot mechanism (drive, tilt, extension, etc.), and human operators can mix and match the move combinations to their hearts’ content. This begins to steer back toward the realm of 100% manual control, though - you would have to clearly define the line separating manual and autonomous function in your rules.

Is there a Couples Division for this robot dance contest? :smiley:

Any new info? By the way, team 930 is planning on being there.