2008 Colorado Regional

is it still being held in the Ritchie Center?
how many years has the regional been held in denver?

Last I heard this regional will be at the Ritchie Center again this year. The First website does not list a site yet. Hopefully it will be announced soon. The Colorado regional has been at the Ritchie Center since its first year, 2004.

I heard that it wasn’t going to be held at the Ritchie center and that it might be a double-field event. This is all rumor though.

I don’t know if it’ll be a double field event, be interesting though. My guess it may not be at the Ritchie Center/Magness Arena because I know the contract expired, but it depends because for 2007 I do know we were short on cash to hold the competition at Magness Arena. We’ll probaly be able to know the venue for sure by December, hopefully. Be sweet if it the venue was big enough to have a full size practice field and to have lego league demos.