2008 Colorado webcast

I was recently checking the NASA robotics events page and noticed that the Colorado regional isn’t being webcast yet. I was wondering who I needed to contact to try and host the webcast through our website’s server. Not many parents from our team are going and I know they would be very dissappointed if they did not get to watch the competition.

Ya i noticed that too. i dont know what all one would need to do to set it up…sry. We had thought about taking the videos we take of our matches and posting them on our website so people back home can watch them. It would really be great if colorado could be webcast. Good Luck. If there is any help you all need with it let me know and i’ll talk with our media team to see what we can do.

Check with the guys at blue alliance. See the thread “Archiving Recorded Regionals 2008” One of the posts there explain how to webcast. You could probably also PM Greg Marra, and he could explain to you in more detail.

Any news on whether Colorado regional will be webcast somewhere? Trying to plan an event that day. Any ideas?