2008 Davis Sacramento Regional

Did not see a 2008 Davis Sac Regional. thread We waited till late last year to have one. Team 1662 is looking forward to seeing all our old friends in March.

973 won’t be able to see all our old friends, to close to SVR. I wish they hadn’t moved the date… I like Davis.

Seems to be a problem for a lot of other teams. So far only 21 teams are signed up.

1726 decided to go to LA this year, for a variety of reasons, we’ll miss ya’all!

Davis landed on our school’s spring break this year. Too many people were going to be on vacation so we couldn’t go :frowning:

Depending on whether I’m doing anything that weekend I (and a few other people) might show up to watch and cheer for Eagle Strike.

Yay! Our team is most likely going. I’ve been a bit removed from the activities (at a local alternative school), but it’s one of our favorite regionals. Heck, I bet you might be able to stay with us if you wanted to be there for the whole thing. And besides, we can use all the cheering we can get!

Thanks, and looking forward to the build season!

1726 you will be missed by 1662. See you in Atlanta.

8 was going to go, but it’s too close to both SVR and Vegas… oh well, see you guys in Portland!

Are you looking forward to seeing all your new friends as well? :smiley: Team 2144 will be going to Davis as our second regional right after Silicon Valley. (And that really is right after, isn’t it? I hope FedEx is up for the challenge!) We can’t wait!

115 will be there too! We managed to raise enough money to go again! Davis is always a fun regional :slight_smile: I remember when Davis was back to back to SVR in 2006. Can’t wait to do that again! :smiley: See you all there!

We are ready for another year at Davis as well. I think filling those registration spots will be a bit slower this year with spring break and the easter holiday - but exciting nonetheless.

Even though it is so close, FedEx may not be you best bet unless you pay extra for quicker delivery. The crates get delivered to the event site Wednesday - usually in the morning or early afternoon, which means the crates really need to be at the drayage site end of the day Tuesday. Since FedEx doesn’t work Sundays, that means the SVR crates won’t get picked up until Monday in San Jose. Sure if everything is running smooth than it could show up on Tuesday, but one hick-up and you end up with a late crate. Since FedEx donates shipping, they are under no obligation to expedite these crates. This why FIRST usually recommends using Shepard Expo Services to take your crate between back to back regionals.

I remember back in 2002, they let a group of teams go in on a moving truck to get our crates from SVR to LA. That was like 10 teams, we each chipped in $100. I don’t think they allow that anymore and have Shepard Expo Services take care of that.

997 can’t decide whether to go to Davis or Seattle for our second regional. but I’m rooting for Davis, we might see you all there :wink:

It’s been decided we’re going to davis, check SHOULD be on its way :slight_smile:

had a bundle of fun last time and I absolutely loved the campus, and last years president will be making the trip over from Stanford for the competition, nice to get the old team back together :smiley:

Awesome!! Where else will you be competing this year?

just Portland, Davis, and hopefully the championships :yikes:

What about you guys?

Team 766 is going, right after SVR:D . Davis falls right at the end of our spring break, though, so it’s all fine. We’re also hoping to get to the Championships. Many of our alumni are at Davis, so it’ll be fun to see them. Every year, it seems someone from 766 has gone to Davis. Wonder who it’ll be this year.

San Diego, Davis, Champs - this is only our second time trying to do 3 comps. The last time was 2003 when we went to SVR, LA and Houston for the champs. We are looking forward to it.

I’m so bummed, I’m a freshman at UC Davis this year, after being on 114 for 4 years, and I was looking forward to volunteering at “my” regional, but I have one or two finals every day of competition :frowning: Though I’ll definitely be dropping by every day to root on my alma mater team and everyone else competing. I can’t wait to find out what the game is! See you all there!

Will you be in the Davis the day of KickOff, Saturday, Jan. 5? We’re in need of volunteers that day. Last year we had 10 teams at the kickoff, this year it has jumped up to 21 teams. Also if you would like to help mentor a team, there is a couple of 2nd year teams that could always use some help in nearby Woodland High School (2189) and Sacramento’s Hiram Johnson High School (2156). In any case if you can help, please send me a pm.

At least Mike is able to come by at all.

114 has now officially stepped up our regional plan from crazy to insanity. It appears we’re on for SVR, Davis, Portland, and we’re also budgeting for Champs. Yikes. This will be a busy season.