2008 Default Code?

Does 2008 have default code? Where can I find it - all powerful Google turned up nothing, and I couldn’t find it on IFI, Kevin’s Code Rep., nor on the FIRST website.

If it is just the default code from last year, is the “autonomous” considered equivalent to “hybrid?” So we’d put Hybrid code in ‘user_routines_fast.c’ if that would be the case, right?

Thanks for the clarification and kudos to CD for making it on the 08 kickoff broadcast :smiley:


The code from last year works and until we get an update about it, that is what my team is using.

Yes, you place the hybrid code ‘user_routines_fast.c’.

What it comes down to is the autonomous code was just code that ran with all inputs from the OI zeroed out. Since the IR signals come directly to a digital input on the robot its data would be available to the autonomous code.

“The Beans” (Los Frijoles) is correct, this years code is the same as last years. Autonomous = Hybrid mode.

Now there is an alternative for the code this year.
Kevin Watson has released a version that is essentially a replacement for the default code, and in my opinion, is WAY BETTER and EASIER to FOLLOW and UNDERSTAND. It was specifically written for MPLAB 8.0 and C18 v 3.10. He has also just released a version that is modified to work with C18 v 2.4 that you should already have. All of this can be found in this thread.
It is available on the first page, but read the entire thread. You may want to upgrade to the newer MPLAB and C18, those links are there as well. Please read the entire thread as it shows experiences people have had installing it and some of the common problems and solutions to they have come across.
Lastly, please remember, Kevin’s code is currently experimental and not guaranteed not to have bugs, but it is Kevin Watson’s code, meaning, it is really good!!!:smiley:

Very nice, guys. Thanks. And I will definitely check out Kevin’s code - I am intrigued.


I have the IFI default code from last year and I notice that it hasn’t changed at the IFI web site. However, There doesn’t seem to be a copy of the IFI default code in the Kit Of Parts. Is everybody expected to go the the IFI site to get it or is it hidden on one of the three disks in the KOP and I just haven’t found it?

I haven’t used the 2008 RC yet (we are building our kit bot tonight) but I am pretty sure its the same as the 2007 RC. So you would use the same default code.

Yes, I know that it is the same as 2007 and I do have a copy of that and I know where to get it from IFIRobotics. So I don’t really have a problem. My question is did the Default code come with the KOP? I’m wondering this because I couldn’t find it there and new teams might be confused.

I don’t believe it is included in the KOP. In fact, I don’t recall it being in there for at least four years. (I have only been here four years, so I can’t comment on years prior to that.) I believe using the 2007 Default Code will be just fine, but if someone knows otherwise, please speak up.:yikes:

Hi I’ve looked * all over * the FIRSt site but I can’t find the actual code. can someone help me?

You should go to http://www.ifirobotics.com/ (actual default code) or http://kevin.org/frc/ (default code with more sensor support and a new default code with a better structure)

Thank you very much!!!