2008 detroit regional

congrats to all teams. had a question? did 27-team rush- shoot a last second hurdle over center wall or did i blink at the wrong time?

i responded to this in the other thread u mentioned it too

u saw the truth:D

yea we did, it was amazing!!!

that was one bleep of a shot. hope ours works as good as yours. maybe we can play catch some time?

Sure that would actually be fun…except the ball would probably crush your robot

To be honest, there were many things that Team Rush did this weekend that were amazing - among them:
-Aforementioned last second hurdle (yes, it counted!)
-Getting their robot fixed and onto the field with seconds to spare in the timeout
-Somehow psychically telling their #3 alliance opponents to take silly hurdle-impeding penalties when it was 3-on-2 and 27 was benched
-Winning WFA (Tony Lapp) and Chairmans!

Congratulations to teams 217, 469, and 440 for the victory! Also Congratulations to team 27 for the Chairman’s award. Everybody did an excellent job today at Detroit. I was very impressed with many of the robot designs that I saw today, especially the rookie team 2337’s amazing robot! I loved that kicking design!

The pit crew is my new hero! Foxy and Barch are the best, the last second hurdle over the wall **and **overpass was the best play of the day in my opinion!

i keep on hearing about this

but we need visual evidence!!!

I was very much impressed by all the teams competing at this Regional. In my opinion you couldn’t have asked for better alliance pairings. Congrats to 217, 469, and 440 on the win, and congrats to everyone who won an award.

I’d also like to say that I was incredibly impressed by two other teams in particular, 27, and 2337. As always you guys at team Rush have put together a remarkably well designed robot, and you did some amazing pitwork getting it fixed up for the finals. The last second hurdle was also incredible.

And 2337, I have to say you’re design impressed me a great deal. Aside from hitting it over the driver’s station, an impressive feat in itself, the fact you guys have such a creative design just blows my mind.

I’m glad I finally got to see overdrive in person, it’s certainly much better than I think I gave it credit for. Now I just can’t wait till our first regional this year at Western, we’ll be seeing some of you guys there.

P.S. Thanks also to iPirates for some interesting lunch time conversation. And I think you guys also had one well designed robot. I hope we’ll see you guys at either the Championship (we can only hope) or at MARC.

I called a 217-469 alliance a week ago winning it :slight_smile:
Congrats to all the teams.

Don’t forget Chairman’s :smiley:

I’d like to thank teams 47 and 453 for carrying us while we swapped our transmission…twice.

Congrats to 217, 469, and 440, you guys were just the better alliance, and really did deserve the victory. That’s 2 in a row for the chickens, nice work.

Once again congrats to 469, 217, and 440 on their win it was a great time playing against you guys and definitely the most fun I have ever had in a match with the competitiveness

hopefully a video will be posted to youtube soon or the blue alliance of our hurdle I’ll see what I can do to help the process

Congratulations to team 440 on their first ever regional win. I absolutely can’t believe they were available for the final pick. In the eliminations they averaged 8.3 laps per match (teleoperated). In the finals, they did 9 laps in each match.

Congratulations to 27 for their Chairman’s Award and good luck at the Championship.

For those of you that did not get to see Detroit in action, you missed out on a great competition. Here are a few things I want to point out:

  1. The refs were consistent, made correct rulings and fixed mistakes when they were brought to the refs attention. Sure, they made mistakes, but corrected them when they could. Detroit has always had consistent reffing and this year was no different. I also want to welcome back Ron Webb as Detroit’s Head Referee.

  2. The first match on Friday was 124 - 70 (minus 20 penalty points making it 50) with a total of 15 hurdles between the two alliances.

  3. There were about 10 hurdlers in a group that were all good. For a regional with 32 teams, that is pretty impressive.

  4. The elimination rounds were intense and had many high scoring matches. The quarterfinals had all but QF1 go three matches and one had a tie.

  5. The finals had a total of 412 points scored between the two matches. That is an average of 103 points per alliance!

  6. I eye-witnessed a couple extraordinary things that team 27 accomplished:
    (a) They repaired a completely demolished main drive gearbox withn a 6 minute timeout. This type of failure would have put 99% of FIRST teams out of the eliminations.

(b) The diagonal last second shot was ridiculous. They nailed it from the red alliance side right after the red overpass and banked it off the side board on the blue overpass and scored the 8 point hurdle as time expired. In person, it was spectacular!

Thanks to 469 and 440 for being such great partners. I can’t believe 469 edged out 27 for the number one spot by 0.4 ranking points. That is just 1 auton line between the 10 matches. I thought there was no way 27 would lose the number one spot, but 469 pulled off another miracle.

397 and 1 tried that.

Our driver tried doing that with our lift system but we fell short in one of the qualification matches. Also i couldn’t believe that team rush had that last hurdle at the end. Congrats to 217, 469, and 440 on a great win. Hope everyone else’s year goes great :smiley:

i would like to congratulate team number 1 for engineering inspiration. we were very scared that alot of good teams were going for chairmans at that regional (1, 27, 217, 247, 314…and more). it was a close match and if we didnt get chairmans you guys would have.

Way off topic, but when we were packing up the field Sat night, we found a Blood Glucose Meter. Anybody have a clue as to the rightful owner? It could be kinda important.

Call me @ 248-219-6030 if you have an idea.
or [email protected]

Another awesome Detroit Regional still my favorite.

Ben Tower

Great competition everyone! Team’s 469, 217, and 440 you guys were awesome to play against. It was definitely some, if not the, most fun I have had at competition. Congrats to 1 for Engineering Inspiration, you deserved it. Also either I or someone else WILL upload the video of the final hurdle to youtube and post it here :slight_smile: .

This was one of the most fun regional experiences I’ve ever had. The crowd was great, the competition was awesome, and it was just an incredible time all around. My couple of comments -

  • in the last finals match, we had a score of 124, which is [in addition to being our personal highest score] the same as the score of the very first match of the competition. Those of you who say our drive team is too superstitious… I rest my case :cool:

  • 27 has sealed themselves as one of my favorite teams. All the members I talked to were very outgoing and friendly, and their “Ask me about…” pins were fun. Their bot is easily one of the coolest I’ve seen, and I was hoping all day Friday that they would get it working. The unbelievable pit work on Saturday (repairing drive shafts and grabbers and whatever else in record time) left me in awe. I cannot WAIT for Great Lakes.

  • the eliminations on Saturday were some of the most intense and dramatic that I have witnessed since Atlanta last year. I watched the semifinals between 1025/1528/815 and 27/47/453 with anxious anticipation, as they were both scarily impressive alliances. The finals between us and 27/47/453 were some of the most amazing matches I’ve ever driven in. Like Paul said, just look at the Semis/Finals on TBA - the match scores are crazily high and crazily close.

  • I’ve never had more fun being a driver than here. The drive teams were all unbelievably GP and I had a great time meeting drivers from all sorts of different teams. Three instances in particular come to mind. In our last qualifiers match, it was 217 and two rabbits vs three impressive hurdlers. It ended up being one of the most intense matches ever, and afterwards Fox (27’s driver) and I waited at the field for the scores to be posted, and agreed that regardless of the outcome, it was an awesome match. A similar instance happened in the finals, when we passed each other on the field to get our robots after the second match before the scores were shown.

  • I’m putting the third instance in a separate bullet because it’s also a segue to the next point. I love team 1, the Juggernauts. Your hybrid mode was unbelievably impressive in St Louis, and it’s too bad you started having problems at Detroit. Your EI award was 100% deserved. However, even more impressive is your skill and graciousness in driving. After the first finals match, we quickly joked about when you stopped to let us go around, but it really was an awesome courteous move that ultimately helped us both. I hope you noticed when we did the same in the next match :stuck_out_tongue:

  • the Thunderillas lived on in Detroit :slight_smile: little more needs to be said here. Anybody who knows us knows how close we are as teams, and the opportunity to be complete once again was awesome (I’m using that word too much, aren’t I). RoboReunion 3.0 will have even more to celebrate, eh?

  • congrats to 440. Like Paul said, sitting in the stands watching all the top alliances pass them up was akin to someone finding an old winning lottery ticket under their bed. Having such a good racer (and friend team) to complete our alliance was just so cool.

Now I have to back to washing hair glue out of my hair and nursing some severely damaged vocal cords…