2008 Finger Lakes Regional

Good Luck to all teams attending, we hope you will help FLR will continue in providing great competition. As usual, Teams 340 & 424 will be looking forward to see our fellow Rochester area teams there as well as new faces.

So who else is coming and who’s pumped!?

SparX 1126 will be there!!!:smiley:
And we cant wait. FLR is a great regional && personally i have had a great time in the past 3 years both as a student and now as a mentor.
Good Luck to all the teams that come as well. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure that Team 250 will be there this year; we go every year.
Can’t wait to get the build season started.
Good Luck to all this season!
Here’s the actual dates:

Finger Lakes Regional
Rochester, NY DATE 3/6/2008 - 3/8/2008

Team 1503 will be coming from across the border to compete at FLR for the first time.

I’m really looking forward to it; from what I’ve heard Finger Lakes is a great regional.

Of course we’ll be there.
It’s Xerox’s regional!

Our team won’t be there but I’ll be back!

This will be the 2nd regional that we are going to sign up for.

We will be attending FLR and NYC this year. Hopefully earning our way to Atlanta.

the news im most excited about so far. :smiley:

As a warm-up for Detroit, Steve? :cool:

1930 should be there (under a new name and new look). Just some funds to take care of first;)

1511 is sure to come!!! Can’t wait to see everyone again!

Our team won’t be there but I’ll be back!

:frowning: :slight_smile:

Yay, at least Steve is coming back!!!

If all goes well I will be in Detroit as well.

Team 316, The LuNaTeCs, enjoyed the FLR so much it’s a MUST GO for 2008.

Fantastic Regional!

I’ll be in attendance and looking forward to watching our visitors from the north and our Pontiac, MI friends

Team 910 may be coming this year. We’d really like to try a new regional this time around besides WMR and GLR. But it looks like FLR is filling up fast.

MOE 365 has grabbed one of the last slots for FLR! We had a great time last year and expect the same again in 2008. Looking forward to seeing and playing with y’all.

MOE is coming back to FLR
Now that makes my day…
I can’t for the competition to start

Last year they said there were spots for 40+ teams.
FIRST always seems to expand the capacity of the regionals a little later so don’t give up yet if you don’t get in.

Now added is the HOT team, 67. I can’t belive how many great teams are going to be at FLR this year. What a great year this is going to be, I hope the game allows for some great competition!

Yes! :ahh: :ahh:

65, 67, 68, 365, 20, 1503 are making the trip and make me very excited!