2008 FIRST game

Hey guys, I was just waiting for kickoff… and thinking about what was at the end of last years film. woodie flowers and some other people were floating on the some game peices and woodie said " what are we going to do with all these inner tubes" or something along the lines of that.

What do you think the chance of using the same game peices this year would be?

thanks, vivek

Chances? Slim to none.

The only game piece they’ve used back to back has been balls and even they are of various sizes, textures, and consistancies.

Whatever game piece they have for next year, I hope it is durable. Practicing with tubes is a pain because they puncture so easily.

i doubt they’ll be using the tubes again because theres a blowout sale on the FIRST store where the tubes are 2.00 dollars each (trying to get rid of them obviously)

I’m hoping for boxes. We were good at Stack Attack.

when it comes to picking up the tubes im surprised alot of teams went with the traiditional gripper, theres way better ways of doing this, some one did it with vex, search ‘vex tube manipulator’ on the vex forum
because of this i think they should give the tubes another chance but i doubt they will:ahh:

Yeah. We were good at Stack Attack as well, but 5 years later, it would be a whole new game.

We were one of the few teams with a shifting transmission, so pushing tons of boxes up and over the ramp was a breeze as well as holding the ramp for those 25 points.

Now, everyone has access to a shifting transmission and crazy traction. The King of the Hill would be even more dangerous. Can that even happen?:ahh:

hmm… ok. I guess that makes sense.

And the rest went to Building 19 … well, yesterday they had only one left :frowning: and that was the display piece. Not that I was looking for them, mind you. I do go there for other things.

And we’re due for squares. I started with the triangles, then two years of circles. So it’s squares. Lots of squares.

Are we alowed to use bluteooth control this year?

I thing not, but offical rules are published at kickoff.

Nil. And don’t belive anything put in the kickoff video is a hint for the next year; the GDC still has to deal with the rules changes for the year they just released.

Not again.

Someone brings this up every year…at least once per year…maybe more. The debunking:
1998: circle (exercise balls)
1999: circle (floppies)
2000: circle (playground balls)
2001: circle (excercise + playground balls)
2002: circle (soccer balls)
2003: square (bins for Stack Attack)
2004: circle (excercise + playground balls)
2005: triangle (tetras)
2006: circle (Poof balls)
2007: circle (pool tubes)

Personally, I think we’re due for balls again. The real pattern seems to be: ball, odd shape/game play method, ball. (Odd years have the odd tricks.)

I stand corrected. I didn’t know we were in for three more years of circles (sounds like the Farmer’s Almanac or el nino or something). I’ll batten down the hatches and put the squares away until 2013. I did make it sound I wanted squares; far from it. I just thought we were due for them.



I think buckets would be an interesting concept, but I doubt FIRST would use them. They have built in handles. What fun is that?:stuck_out_tongue: As for boxes… I’ve had this thing for boxes lately, and last time I had a feeling like this, it involved FRC robots shooting things in '06. Of course, that’s not reliable at all, but I’d like to see boxes this year. Not massive ones like stack attack, but maybe something like 10" cubes. Who knows? Only 74 days until we find out

traffic cones.

traffic cones would be interesting to pick up because there slanted so i doubt you could use a traditional gripper, maybe using a hook and hooking on to the hole in the top

Cubes, foam triangles, boxes… etc. I’m hoping for something non-circle-y… even though I think it’s in vain.

ROFL!!! Seriously, that would be challenging, but still cool.

Inflatable Clowns, bananas, Jell-o.

That’s all I’m going to say.

or maybe they will use tubes again, and are doing all this just so we’ll never see it coming