2008 FRC Machines in Popular Mechanics Blog

Here is a link for a popular mechanics blog picking a few of their favorite robots. It looks like they spent a lot of time in Curie. Some of the teams mentioned:
33, 45, 2344, 932, 968, 1126?, and my personal favorite DAS BOOT 2337.


Thank Woody for finding this.

HA…they called the TechnoKats Chief Delphi…I love it!

yea I saw that…

Also what is this liquid mercury he was talking about.

The wiring to the arm goes through a sealed slip ring assembly with fluid contacts.


1251 is in there also. Awesome stuff thank you woody! Also thank you to popular mechanics for covering the championships. All the robots in here are very deserving. No simbot though :(.

832’s Oscar the Grouch made it in as a bonus bot. Thanks to PM for covering Championships and thanks Woody for posting the link!

We were on Newton.

I think all of those robots are all from Curie.

Pretty sure 932 was Galileo

And 968 and 1251 were Newton.

No mention of 1126 in there. They did have one sweet looking robot this year.


2016 in there was from Newton.

I posted the Link, but woody found it. Woody is one of our drivers. He is a true die hard.

hey i remember that article. They attributed my quote to my driver partner

1124 (the Uberbots) were on Archimedes.

I got to hold you guy’s spare mercury slip ring just after the BMR finals were over… wow that thing was heavy! :yikes:

But… who wouldn’t love yet another practical application of the one and only naturally liquid metal? :smiley:

I herd you guys got them used… any idea what they came off of?


You heard wrong. They were factory fresh. The only thing unusual about them was the significant discount for educational/FIRST team use.

There’s a 2-page writeup of Team 2344’s robot in the September issue of Popular Mechanics. It’s the How It Works “centerfold”. I don’t know if there’s an on-line equivalent.

Their FIRST area is here:

Consider it Dugg.



Great to see more than one Florida team listed! Whoohooo!