2008 FRC Volunteer Registration - Now Open!


Those of you interested in volunteering at FRC events this year; take notice! VIMS is now online and waiting for you to register!

FIRST deserves a big THANK YOU for getting VIMS online early this year!


Wow the NYC Regional is Late this year and it’s the middle of the week I wonder what happened =(. Nevertheless I’ll be there. Unfortunately can’t go the Championship - not enough Vac. time.

Where on VIMS do you find the dates?

Yeah, I only see the 2007 events :confused:

On the Volunteering Preferences tab when you choose FRC - Events it shows the dates for the 2008 regionals.

Doubt it since this years ('08) system is a bit different, they typed up the drop down list differently compared to how it was typed for the '07 events

A big THANK YOU to F.I.R.S.T. for getting VIMS out. I enjoyed the fact that I know the dates so that I can request time off early enough. For everyone volunteering for events a big thanks to all of you. From being a F.I.R.S.T. participant for several years I know how hard the volunteers work. Thanks everyone!


I have looked for a ‘volunteers prefence’ tab and have not found it. I am also only seeing 2007 regional dates. Please help.

not sure why this is happening, after logging into VIMS, the volpref page has all the dates in 2008. i guess i am no help to you at all. hope you found everything!

A discussion of the FRC Regional Dates as shown in VIMS is occuring in this thread. Please continue discussion of Regional dates in that thread.