2008 game animation

Does anyone have a copy of the 2008 game animation as a .wmv?

There is a WMV stream at http://robotics.arc.nasa.gov/events/2008_frcwebcasts.php at 320x240.
If you cannot use the stream I can encode the AVI’s into WMV’s for you. I’ll start with the 720x480. Please tell me if you need it in 352x288 or 160x120, or encoded in a specific way.

720x480: http://www.roboranch.org/media/OverdriveLrg1.wmv, 140MB.

320x240: http://www.roboranch.org/media/OverdriveMed.wmv, 55.2MB. This one is lower resolution, but has less visible compression artifacts.

thanks, i had seen the stream but i wondered why i couldnt download it.