2008 game confusion thread

That is what we are trying to decide. When the FIRST website gets the Q&A going, (and the server speeds up) we’ll get our answers.

But we are left with speculation (as far as I know) until then.

For the extra Robo-Coach I believe that in the human demonstration Woodie had said that a team could have to seperate people doing the job, I’m having difficulty finding the rule to suppot this, but that may be why so some people are confused about the Robo-Coach rule.

The definition of Robocoach is clear that there can only be one robocoach PER TEAM, (ROBOCOACH: A pre-college student team member designated as the only team member permitted to provide external stimuli to the ROBOT from either of the two ALLIANCE.
ROBOCOACH STATIONS. There is one ROBOCOACH per TEAM.), but why couldn’t teams share robocoaches?

Anyways, what is the advantage of having two robocoaches? I would think that they would just interfere with each other.

Well first I was just adressing where the confusion of a possible two Robo-Coaches came from, and this was the human demonstration.

But there is an advantage to two Robo-Coaches, actually there are a couple…

1.One of the coaches may have a better view and as long as they are communicating well only one would steer the robot so the objective could get completed faster.

2.With all the remotes, robots, obstructions, and distance in this game between the robot and Robo-Coach signals could be not found or misread by the robot, if you put a coach at each station you are doubling the chances that your robot will pick up on the signals more effectively.

Hey what about the idea of shooting a metal plate at the trackballs?

If it is still attached to you, then it’s still part of the robot, and would be a violation of the height rule. If it isn’t attached to you, then it would be a violation of this:

<G44> Detaching MECHANISMS - ROBOTS may not intentionally detach parts or leave multiple mechanisms on the TRACK. Violations will result in a PENALTY per incident. If an intentionally detached component or mechanism significantly impedes access to the TRACK or an ALLIANCE ROBOT, the offending ROBOT will be disqualified from the MATCH.

you can’t shoot any object from the robot, beside the trackball itself. I’m not sure which rule exactly but i know it’s illegal, and possibly against safety rules

How do you control your robot in the hybrid mode? Please explain the 3 by 5 cards. Reference:G49

The hybrid mode allows the ROBOCOACH to select from 4 preprogrammed autonomous commands to fulfill a certain task. The 3x5 cards are to list what 4 commands your ROBOCOACH can perform from his remote (Probably for fairness purposes so you don’t somehow execute more than the 4 listed commands)

Tomasz Bania

thanks that was helpful!!!

<G01> HYBRID PERIOD - The HYBRID PERIOD is the 15-second period at the start of the MATCH. Driver control of the ROBOT is not permitted at this time. During this period, the ROBOTS may react only to sensor inputs and commands programmed into the onboard control system. The only external signals that may be received by the ROBOT are those sent from ALLIANCE ROBOCOACHES. No external signals are permitted from any other source. The ROBOT may react to no more than four distinct external commands provided by the ROBOCOACH. All ROBOT safety rules are still applicable during the HYBRID PERIOD. The HYBRID PERIOD ends when the arena timer displays zero seconds left in the period.

So you can use a mix of pre-programming and remote control via infrared receiver.

<G49> The Signaling Card shall be a 3-inch by 5-inch card listing the
one to four actions that can be commanded by the ROBOCOACH.

On the card, you must list what actions can be performed using the remote in Hybrid mode.

I’m curious about what they mean by commands or actions your robot can do. For example, if I had a button that was used as an arm up/down toggle (press the button to go up, press again for down), would that violate the rules because the robot is doing two actions from one command? Or is it legal because there is one command (toggle arm state), but what the robot does with it depends on what state the robot’s arm is in.

does anyone know when the Q&A will be up?

I think that it is just the one command: toggle arm control.

These are the stills of the rule being broken in the animation which violates G20<>G36

but why would they violate the rules in the animation.

Because im thinking, the rule is not valid or the data from the animation was not valid:eek:

<G36> HOME STRETCH Height Restriction – ROBOTS in the HOME STRETCH of the opposing ALLIANCE can not be more than 6 feet tall. A PENALTY will be assigned for each infraction.

Because the red forklift bot is above the 6ft limit in the opponent’s home stretch (the quarter of the arena right before the finish lines).

I think he was refering to the fact of why did they mess up (did they?) in the animation, and not how did they mess up in the animation.

Is going clockwise in the field considered a violation of the rules and is penalized?