2008 IRI Hotels

The following hotels have made special rates available for the 2008 IRI.
These hotels are slightly north of the IRI hotel.

These are part of Dora Hotels, and I think they are endorsed by Dora the Explorer. :wink:

These hotels are all in the same general area and are near the 465 / 69 / 82nd Street Area.
They are about 25 miles from the Indianapolis Airport and 3 miles from the IRI site.


Hotel Indigo
9791 North by Northeast Blvd.
Fishers, IN 46037
Fax: 1.317.558.4111
E-Mail: KTabeling@DoraHotels.com

Holiday Inn
9780 North by Northeast Blvd.
Fishers, IN 46037
Fax: 1.317.578.9999
E-Mail: BPipes@DoraHotels.com
$89 (Continental Breakfast)

Holiday Inn Express
9790 North by Northeast Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46037
Fax: 1.317.578.1111
E-Mail: JGalbreath@DoraHotels.com
$89 (Continental Breakfast)

Hilton Garden Inn
9785 North by Northeast Blvd.
Fishers, Indiana 46037
Ph. 317.577.5900
fax 317.577.1111
E-Mail: KBrown@DoraHotels.com
$114. (No Breakfast)

Can you edit that with info of about how far they are away from both the site of IRI, and the Indianapolis International Airport?


Thanks, we are just starting to think about were we need to stay and that will help us a ton.

Team 135