2008 Las Vegas Regional HD Vids

Thanks to TotalChaos,
The eliminations are uploaded, Files are about 150MB per match.

Qualifications are on their way. we will transcode and upload the SD version of the videos as soon we get to it.

Also we will be uploading Arizona vids afterward.



Just watched the finals on my 42", HD is amazing. Thanks team 39. Congrats and good luck at nats.

Glad to see the vids are getting some use!

At 30 mins of render time per vid… This converting is taking a pretty nice chunk out of my time. :stuck_out_tongue: At least it’s giving me a reason to finish the website. :wink:

Wow, great videos! The first time I’ve seen a video with a good enough camara shot and enough detail to see what is going on the entire time.

(QF1M1 is the best! 4 hurdles by 39 with a flat trackball!)

May I ask what camera you are using? Our team is trying to decide what video camera to purchase. Thanks.

I used a Sony SR7 camera, the quality is great, but the format, not popular.
for each of the matches, it takes us 30 mins to re-render. we have to use Vegas Pro 8.

If I was gonna buy a camera now, i would wait for the SR12 to come out.

Those who have been giving me + reps for the vids, I believe that TotalChaos deserves + reps as well. He has been transcoding and cutting the vids this whole weekend.:wink:

Ok, all the Finals for Vegas are done now. We only have the second day of qualifying matches in HD. I don’t remember how many there are but I will try to finish them tomorrow. Then I’ll work on the other qualifying matches and make SD versions of the one in HD. I’m lookin at a long week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t even ask me when I’ll be done converting Arizona vids lol :rolleyes:

  • Austin

hey let me know if u guys need some bandwidth id love to help spread ur guy’s HDstuff :slight_smile:

We have 3500 Gigs of bandwidth per month. I’ll let you know if we get close to that.:wink:

offer still stands thou
tim at netblues dot org

TBA Guys:
You are welcome to use the videos for TBA, You can either download and compress the vids, or wait for the SD ones( still about 50 MB per match).

Just wanted to give an update:

All the HD vids we have from the Las Vegas regional are done and uploaded. It includes Qualifying Matches #58-#77 and all of the final matches.

I have started converting the HD to SD as well and will work on getting the other Qualifying matches all cut up and rendered (They will all be in SD).

Hope you guys enjoy the videos!

  • Austin

Just felt this was a worthy update…

I have all the videos that were in HD in SD now as well… I don’t have all the qualifying matches yet… but I’ll try to get em done as quick as possible.

Heres a link to the SD vids: http://www.hhsrobotics.org/Videos_Vegas_2008.php

I won’t bump the thread anymore, I think everyone that wanted any vids from Vegas probably has them now, if you still want more just check the site every few days for updates. :slight_smile:

Hope you guys liked the vids!

  • Austin