2008 Manual Mirror

I have made a quick manual mirror using Google Pages. You will have to type in the key though. It should all be there. You will need to unzip it.

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I’ve been known to do that.

I just posted an not passworded one, it is all in one pdf 2

Post a link to the post.

Turns out we can’t post mirrors we don’t have redistribution rights from FIRST

I had to remove it

How about “unofficial mirrors”?

I have no idea

Oh come on…

Perhaps I’m a bit biased on copyright issues, but this is ridiculous.

The manuals and kickoff videos are inaccessible for a lot of people, mirrors enable people to learn the rules. This is going too far especially when you consider how far that logic takes you…

We regularly show off FIRST game animations to new members and at demonstrations - (Public performances of a copyrighted work)

We print off manuals and give them to new members - (Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material without permission of publisher)

We make 3d digital replicas of the field, and post them for others to use (Creation and dissemination of a derivatively work not covered by fair-use).

Seriously… Where do you draw the line?

Well, I’m keeping mine up as “unofficial”. I’m just curious about how many people are using it (or refreshing my page… Whatever) so I added a counter (just don’t click it).

The encrypted manuals have been available since Thursday. They want to have a central dissemination of information. Probably a bit idealistic but you need to respect their wishes.

So… Are Unofficial mirrors still ok? :confused:

No, not at all. No, sir.

That is very, very simple to answer: you draw the line right where the law tells you to (yes, we have had this discussion before).

FIRST owns all rights to their publications, including the FRC game manuals. These documents are not in the public domain. Reproduction and/or redistribution without permission, and outside the fair-use exceptions, is a violation of copyright law. There is no simpler way of saying this: it is illegal. Period.

Yes, we all need to have our members review the rules. Yes, we want to tell the world about the program and what FIRST is doing. Yes, there are some great materials out there to help do so. But the fact is that making illegal copies of copyrighted material is still an illegal act, no matter how minor or necessary or well-intentioned the infraction may seem to be.

There are very simple ways to deal with this, all it takes is a modicum of effort. If we want our team members to have access to FIRST documents, then all we have to do is point them to the FIRST web site where they can download the documents themselves, or to any other authorized distribution web site. If we want to host an authorized distribution web site, then all we have to do is request and receive permission from FIRST to do so. After that, we are in compliance with the law and can openly distribute the materials within the bounds (if any) of the permission.

Once again, nobody wants to get exceptionally homiletic about this. FIRST is unlikely to call the police just because you set up a mirror site. But part of our purpose here is to set an example for the teams of professional behavior. Part of being a professional includes a respect for the law - including copyright law. It is a simple matter of both compliance and courtesy to ask someone that has developed such materials if they would permit you to copy their materials to your site. Doing so, in addition to avoiding a copyright violation, is an act of respect for the efforts of the rights-holder of the material, and is just plain good manners (which seem to be in very short supply this year).


Well I got mine and I’m not giving it back… thanks for posting!:smiley:

Please explain to all of us, the circumstances where your ‘mirror’ is better than the official site. Perhaps when the official site isn’t as up-to-date as your mirror? Or, maybe, where the official site contains errors while your mirror is more accurate? :eek:

Or maybe the official is taking forever and a day to load and download cause theres so many trying to use it at once.
A mirror site can take some of the load off the official site and speed everything up for everyone :slight_smile:

I emailed FIRST about mirroring the manual, the response was along the lines of they discurage it because they have no automic method of notifing the mirrors about manual updates and changes, and don’t want the multiple vesions out there for download. This is just my understanding of what they replied to me in the email.

Why are people mirroring it when the first website is working perfectlly…

I don’t really think their responses to legal threats are GP.