2008 MARC Registration Now OPEN

What: Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition (MARC)

When: June 27th (practice rounds) and June 28th (ALL DAY)

Price: $200 ($150 for teams that participated in last years competition)

Where: Monroe County Community College
1555 S. Raisinville Road
Monroe, Michigan 48161-9746

Team Limit: 36

Registration Open until June 7th.

Food: We will be providing hot dogs, nachos, pizza, cheesy bread and water/pop during the event (both days). In town, there are also several fast food restaurants for teams if they choose to go that route.

Lodging: There are a few moderately priced hotels between 10-20 minutes away. Dundee also has several NEW hotels (including one with a water park opening soon), which are 20-30 minutes away. Hotels

Volunteering: We have NUMEROUS positions that need great volunteers - we have field reset, crowd control, queuing, field repair, refereeing, pit admin…the list goes on. Those interested in volunteering should contact Steve Ketron.

Questions/Additional Information/Registration Form: Contact Steve Ketron at [email protected]

Can team 2365 have a registration form our email is

[email protected]

Last year was this events first year and we had some year competitive teams attend. With all the competition, everyone still had a great time and helped each other out. This years event is going to be different. If the teams that came last year attend and some of the ones that said they will be there this year look at what you are going to compete with: 33,47,70,503, 910 just to start with. This is going to be a very exciting event again this year.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I believe 217 is coming as well.

Correct, I talked with Paul and he said 217 is with a doubt coming to MARC.

Wow, looks like MARC will have a lot of great teams. I don’t think 1732 has made a final decision, but I hope we’ll be there to defend our title and undefeated record.

Team 240 is definitely going to be showing up. I mean it is only a ten minute drive. :smiley:

Just got word from 1732 mentor. 1732 is coming. Excellent to here that a team from Wisconsin loved our event so much that they did hesitate to come back the following year. Thank you “Hilltoppers” for your comittment and your competitive excellence.

Team 910 - the Foley Freeze would love to return to “defend our crown” as champs. It was a really fun event last year, and Steve did everything humanly possible to make it enjoyable for everyone involved.

Count us in! :slight_smile:

This event is sure getting competitive quickly.

Hmm about 30 miles or so from my aunt’s house in Clinton. I’m keeping this one on the radar, perhaps for next season. I wonder if she has enough room to house a FIRST team? :cool:

So, I have trouble spelling and writing proper sentences. I am from Kentucky what do you expect. I meant to say that 1732 did not hestitate to come back. Either way you read it, it looks like all members of the winning alliance will be back to defend their title. From the e-mails that I receiving, 240/1243 are very hungry for a chance to claim that title. Hope you all get a chance enjoy some friendly but very competitive competition.

So, anything special in the works? Mentor round? Drag racing? The marc 10- friday night,3 bots, 10 laps, winner moves on?

Things are in the works for a mentors round and a programming contest. Only time (a month or so) will tell.

Yes! Team 1243 is planning to be at MARC-08 along with our friends across the road from Team 2337 who are planning to put the “hammer” down going for the Win as well this year!! :slight_smile:

OH-NO!!! Not “HAMMER-TIME” at the MARC. I thought he went out of style a decade ago. I guess good things in history always repeat:)

WHAT!!! :eek:

That sounds really cool. What would it involve?

This year the MARC event is not being held at the Monroe High School gym. It turns out the gym is going to be under constrution all summer. So, hopefully teams have noticed that this year the event location is being held at Monroe County Community College. With the change of location (FOR THIS YEAR ONLY), the team limit has changed. The max team limit has changed from 36 to 29. The slots are filling up. They get filled on a first come basis (teams that attending the first year of event get automatic invite). IF I received your registration form already you are good to go. Any team interested in attending please get the forms in quickly to assure a spot.

HOT Team just registered for MARC. We are excited to get back on the field. First we have to repair the robot after the carnage from the Einstein SFs. :eek:

The competition is starting to get hot. MINI IRI here we come. List of teams currently registered for the 2008 MARC event (12):

67, 503, 815, 910, 1023, 1025, 1243, 1250, 1528, 1718, 1732, 2337

List of teams verbally comitted to attend but have not received their registration form yet (4) :

70, 217, 2137, 2612,

Spots reserved for pre-rookie teams (2):
If enough pre rookie teams want to come participate in an event free of charge, we will have to spots open for them to compete on a rotational basis.

Open spots still available (11)