2008 Match Sorting Algorithm

Per section 9.3.2 [emphasis mine ;)]

The scoring system will assign each team two ALLIANCE partners for each qualifying match
played using a predefined algorithm. The algorithm employs the following list of criteria:
a. Maximum time (in number of matches) between each match played for all teams
**b. Minimum possible number of times a team plays opposite any team **
c. Minimum possible number of times a team is allied with any team
d. Minimize the use of surrogates.
e. Even distribution of matches played on Blue and Red Alliance (without sacrificing a, b, c
and d)
See the FRC Manual web site (http://www.usfirst.org/frc/2008/manual) for a white paper detailing
the algorithm as well a stand-alone program demonstrating its capabilities.

This is MUCH more flushed out than last year’s 9.3.2, and would lead one to believe that the… “efficient” algorithm from last year will not be used (aw, shucks).

However, neither the whitepaper nor the standalone program are at the FIRST site (at least, not that I can see). Am I missing something? Or is it like the Q&A, in that it just isn’t up there yet. I noticed it a few days ago, figured I’d give it some time before asking.

There was some discussion on this very topic a little while back, if you’re interested in how the algorithm works.