2008 Microsoft Seattle Regional


I would like to hear from some other guys what you think about the tournament.

I think Tacoma is just amazing. Especially the smaller area compared to Portland was great. You can make a lot more atmosphere! The metal stands helped us.
The whole thing is more personal than Portland since it is just on a more compact area.
FIRST is just sooo much fun. I really enjoy being around there.

We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Good luck!

Chris - team 1983

Though a lot more robots at an event is cool, the 31ish robots we have here really make turn around short. Two times we have come off the field we were 2nd in line to get back on the field. It’s like playing the finals every match, where you change batteries in the queue. We don’t know how many matches we ran without knowing why 1/2 our claw was not extending because we could not get back to the pits long enough to start looking at it.

The fact that we are playing on the 5th floor of a building is also cool, leaving the main area into the hall outside and seeing the rooftops of buildings is wierd.


I would have to agree with you that the event has been awesome!!
I really enjoy the atmosphere and how remarkably smooth the regional
has been run.

I was expecting a lot less out of this competition after hearing all the
chatter about the inconsistencies with refs and rules. So far at the Microsoft Seattle Regional, I haven’t seen any rulings that would be considered more than mildly controversal. The interactions with the judges and refs have been nothing but pleasant.

Having a small field of 31 teams really shortens the turnaround time between
matches. A few times after matches, our pit crew had to run a fresh battery to our field team that was waiting in line for their next match.

Your team did a nice job of being the team to set the current high score for the regional.

So far, it’s been a robot love fest. If you like how things are working, you can attribute it to an event team that works really well together, and tries to get on top of problems immediately before they become big. If the teams are happy, imagine how much the staff appreciates the teams? I sit at the scorekeeping table, and the questions from teams have been professional, objective and reasonable, and (I believe) our head referee, Fred S., has treated every question with respect. I am so happy.

And if you all are feeling like we are going to run on time or kill you trying, you’re right. We actually finished the day two minutes ahead of schedule, and every team will get 11 matches in qualifying. It means short turn-arounds sometimes, but I’m guessing you would still rather have 11 matches than only get to play 8 and have more down time, right?

Here’s hoping that Saturday is as smooth as Friday!

Here in Tacoma we did Okay and we did get our wheel problem fixed. We did a lot better but didn’t get picked our bot is the one with a blue Frisbee on top. We are from Alaska and we had a lot of support from Mr. Dave Patterson the pit crew chief. He helps run A.R.E.A. Alaska Robotics Education Association. He is a wonder and he deserves a woody flowers award.

Thanks Team
1544 Co Captain
Mike Parker… You may notice my Rainbow Suspenders.

Congratulations to today’s winners – teams 1983, 2046, and 949. They all had great robots; but more importantly, they’re exceptionally friendly, helpful people. We are thrilled for you guys and can’t wait to see you all in Atlanta. Maybe someday we’ll get to play with y’all instead of against. :slight_smile:

This event was fantastic. It was well-run, fun, and the officiating was great. Don Knight did a fantastic job of announcing and Blair’s a great MC. Our Regional Director, Deb Mumm-Hill, and FIRSTWA head honcho, Kevin Ross, cannot be thanked enough for the job they did. It was a small event, but it was one of the best I’ve ever been to, and those two are responsible for making it happen. Way to go :slight_smile:

Congratulations to team 1983. From what I saw of them in Portland it was a very professional team and robot all around.

Watch out Cybersonics! You have competition (wink) :wink:

Thanks guys! Team 100, you had a great robot in Oregon!!

Team 1983 was ecstatic to get through the regional with zero breakdowns… :smiley:

Also, congratulations to Team 488 for taking the Chairman’s Award! You guys run a really great program, and have a very quality robot! I agree it would be nice to be able to play with you guys for once, but you make the competition that much better as well!! It was great playing with (and against) you, and we will see you in Atlanta!!

Also, a big thanks to our alliance partners, 2046 and 949!

And congratulations to all the teams leaving with (or without) awards from the Microsoft-Seattle Regional! It was a very smooth, very fun regional to take part in! Our school really enjoyed it. Thanks for helping us show them what FIRST is really about!

It was a nice event. I especially liked the scorekeepers and how they timed the start button press to coincide with “GO!”

This all counld not have happened with out scouting.
I think that we have proven that our scouting sheets do work and are dependable!

you should down load it! and message me if you have any questions =)


Systems Integration, Head Scout
Skunkworks Team 1983

Down anythony down! stop showing off lol, it was fun though, and yes scouting helped, thanks to 949’s sleeper abilities we managed to pick them near the end…amazing! Our robot didn’t break lol. looking forward to nationals…see everyone there!

What time is it?!


After nine regionals in five years this was my first time at a “small” regional, and I really liked it.

The teams I know from the GTR keep telling us that we should try going to Waterloo to experience a smaller regional because it is so different – not necessarily better, just different – from the big hockey-rink sized events. Now I know what they are talking about.

It was especially great to have a chance to see teams for the second time, play with some teams we didn’t get to play with in Portland, and most importantly, see people that we saw in Portland again.

The venue was fabulous! Actually having nice carpeted spaces with tables… away from the deafening noise of the playing field… what a treat when trying to work out software glitches in hybrid mode.

Thanks to all our alliance partners, and apologies to those who we let down due to electrical problems on Friday afternoon. When we finally found the problem it was embarssingly simple… as most loose connection type problems turn out to be in hindsight. Special thanks however, to Kevin, Deb, everyone at FIRST WA, and the many many volunteers for putting this event together. What an incredible achievement! I know this will be remembered as a very special regional by our team, and personally it will always be very special to me.


P.S. Thankfully Easter weekend (and the corresponding cross-border shoppers) won’t co-incide with this event next year! See attached photo…:ahh:

EDIT: While I’m attaching photos… a big thanks to the USAF for the team social, airshow, and robot demonstrations. I want to the the Skunk’s scouting sheet on this baby… “poor lapper… barely knocks the balls down… can’t hurdle worth a darn… just saves lives” Oh, yeah… and stay away from the shotgun.



Congrats Jason of the Woodie Flowers Award! Thanks for 1983 and 2046 for picking us. Congrats to 488 for the Chairman’s Award.

Oh and a Big Thanks to Kevin Ross for throwing a great party.

Part of me hopes to play in the Tacoma Convention Center again, another part of me wants to grow and get more teams, I’m not sure which one I want more.


488 - Thanks for providing a machine shop that we used several times. Thanks for the polycarb for our flipper and for the words of advice, kindness and support. You guys are awesome and well deserving of the Chairman’s award. Congrats!

360 - Thanks for cheering us on and providing batteries for our team in the finals. Your entire team has amazing spirit. We also bummed a few t-nuts from you guys. Thanks.

1294 - Thanks also for providing batteries for us and our allies in the finals.

1983 - Thanks for picking us and providing countless materials to us. Also, thank you for providing a practice field and letting us use your shop during the build season. You’ve got a great team.

949 - Thanks for your great attitude and robot. I loved your autonomous.

1318 - Thanks for all the work you have done to promote FIRST throughout the state. Your rabbit is lethal.

492 - Thanks for helping us out with materials and kind words of support.

Kevin Ross and Deb Mumm-Hill - Thanks for putting on a spectacular event. Getting our state superintendant there will definately have an impact on teams throughout the state.

Refs - Well done!

My students had an unforgetable time. I have a number of parents and fellow teachers who now understand what FIRST is all about thanks to this spectacular event.

I have to admit, while i was standing on the field and the number one alliance said they didn’t know who to pick, I half expected them to ask for the airforce robot! :yikes: I do agree, that is what the scouting sheet would say though… hahaha

By the way, I loved your guys’ design. And a great use of materials! (they hockey sticks were definitely a crowd pleaser, my dad has told all of his friends about them) sorry about all of the traffic, but sounds like it should be better next year.

I had a great time! The playoffs were thrilling and the finals well played; congrats to 2046, 1983 and 949. Special thanks to 1983 for providing a practice field for the Seattle area. Also, thanks to the countless teams who responded to our many breathless requests for parts. I loved the friendly pit atmosphere, even if that grill’s fries got really old…

-Adlai Felser, team 948

I believe it was really our pleasure. Personally, I enjoyed watching some of the teams that were done practicing, even when we were far from finished… It was quite exciting! It was also really cool to have teams on our alliance that we had seen way before any of the competitions, and already know what they could do!

I would like to thank 949 for not being picked :slight_smile: You guys where a key part of our alliance, without your autonomous capabilities we would have been hard pressed to win.

I want to also thank 2046 for having an awesome, evil, fast claw there to score with us. Also as a side note, if Brian ever gets rid of that clip let one of us know, we will be there in a heart beat to clip him again :stuck_out_tongue:

A big thank you and congratulations to 488, one for taking a hit for the team just to help us get back in the game. As for chairmans, you guys deserve it.

Another thanks to 1778 for providing one very, VERY stressful match for the first finals, man I nearly had a heart attack and then we would have never gotten our batteries :smiley:

Everyone at Tacoma rocked, thanks for making it such a good regional everybody.

I guess its easy to say that you loved going to a regional when you did really well… so we loved the Seattle Microsoft (Tacoma) Regional.

But more importantly, we made a bunch of new friends there… and rekindled friendships that we had started last year in our rookie year and this year in the off-season.

Team 1778 had a great day and finished at the top of the heap as the #1 Qualifier. The they also won the Imagery award and the Safety award. We love you guys and since we are both SPEEA sponsored, between the two of us we really made SPEEA members proud. It was great to battle with you in the finals and your alliance score of 80 points was the second best all day!!!

There were so many other great teams that its hard to talk about all of them

Congrats to 488 for winning a well-deserved Chairman’s Award. It is about time!!! You are a team that everyone should emulate. You show great spirit and professionalism.

Thank you team 2046 … We had never had a chance to play with you guys until the finals and the wait was worth it. We complemented each other on the field and the other alliances could not concentrate on both of us so one or the other of us scored.

Team 949 … gosh we knew you guys had a great Hybrid…but sheesh… you guys were beasts out there during the finals… we were astonished when you were still around to pick…

I think we made a pretty good alliance and we hope to play with you both in Atlanta.

My biggest thanks go out to the volunteers and FIRST staff at the event.
I cannot remember a regional that I have attended that ever went smoother than this one. The referees were magnificent with clear and fair calls. Fred was great as a head referee (as usual) and was great at taking the time to explain calls to team members.

Anyone that missed this regional really missed something. Hawaii will be great but it can’t be any warmer or friendlier than our Microsoft Seattle Regional.

Thank you Kevin and Deb and everyone else.
Thanks especially to Microsoft for bringing FIRST back to Washington,
Now it is our job to keep it here… and make it bigger…

Lastly, to my team…
I could not be prouder of you guys. Everyone did their jobs with enthusiasm and gracious professionalism. Thank you!!!

The best quote I heard at the event came from the photographer just after the Mascot dance off… He looked at me as we were taking our Mascot off the field and getting him water after his efforts…
He said: I am paraphrasing…

“Boy, When you guys from the Skunkworks do anything you do it all the way don’t you?!!”

I like to think so…
we made a BIG stink… Now its time to breath it in…

I love you guys…

now… get to work…

Mr. Steele, we love you too!

We would not have a team without you!!!

I have learned so much from you about myself, FIRST, life, engineering, and everything else you could imagine!! FIRST has changed my life, very much for the better, and none of us would have FIRST without you!!

You have opened the eyes of our school, and touched many lives this weekend. I am sad to be leaving, but encouraged that you are not and will continue to be a part of this team and school and touch the lives of many students to come and be a true role model.

We truly appreciate, respect and love you for all you do for us!

(oh, and don’t worry… i’m doing my astronomy homework! :D)

The few, the proud, the Skunks, would not exist if it weren’t for you!!!