2008 NASA/VCU Regional

How can everyone forget about the NASA/VCU regional

Who is going?
Who is excited?
Whats new?
Any rookies?

come on guys… you know you love this regional as much as I do


Dude, we’re excited in Goochland. I just need to get the finalized plans from the engineers so we can start building the thing! What am i worried about? There’s four weeks left. That’s not a problem isn’t it???

1610 is going again…its our home regional. We’re building now.

Its funny how our trips for competition are so close, yet with all the stress from building, our minds are no where near traveling across the country.
I wish our robot was done…:eek:

dude , i cant wait to see yall , im so stoked
I think its awesome that yall are coming from the other side of the country for this regional

thats awesome

Team 619 is going. Surprisingly, were actually on schedule this year… and hopefully none of us will fall through the hotel ceiling like we have before…:ahh:

Team 612 will be there.
Team 612 is excited for their home regional.
Team 612 will see you there.

  • Team 612

you know team 617 is gonna be there!


we’ve got a sweet chasse done which is ganna blow everyone away with our speed

yeh man I personaly cant wait till vcu

dude im pumped!!!
gonna be even better than last year!!

I’ll be volunteering here as usual on Friday and Saturday.

587 will be there… not like that is a surprise; since 2001, we’ve never not been there. Assuming it goes as planned (and the AM planetaries get back in stock soon…), our robot should be a lot more exciting to watch than last year’s… unless those same software demons bite us… hmm… no promises then, but I think you guys will like it.

its gonna feel different being a week 2 regional this year

Nobody forgot VCU.

Apprently there is a soccer tournament going on at the same time in Richmond. The nearest hotel we could find was ~12 miles away from the siegel center, and that was at the beginning of January :ahh:

Look for the sea of purple again this year.

That reminds me, in the past (at least 2006 & 7, don’t know about 05 and before), I think there there was cheerleading competition at the same time. I suspect this because a large cheerleading team was staying at the same hotel we were both years (on the same hallway as us, if I remember correctly). I found it pretty funny since many of our team’s male members seemed to suddenly become very interested in spending time in the hall :rolleyes:.

I know that last year the college Track regionals were in Richmond at the same time as the VCU regional…I only know this because my girlfriend last summer thought it was ironic we were in the same place (~0.5 miles from each other) but didn’t know it. She made it into the quarterfinals, as did our team, lol.

Team 1731 is ready and can’t wait to see you all at the regional! I’ve already seen some of your great machines at the Chesapeake Play Day in Baltimore, MD. It seems like torture to wait to the second week to compete, but that gives us more time to make more buttons :slight_smile: Look for the sea of bright yellow to locate Team 1731.

116 will be there