2008 National Chairman's Award: Who will be THE ONE?

Correct, there were no honorable mentions last year. Some people speculated the judges awards were used in place of the honorable mentions, though.

Of the teams that won chairmans award this year, 71 won a judges award last year. 842 won an honorable mention in 2006 (365 won both an honorable mention and the Engineering Inspiration award that year). In 2005, 341 was a honorable mention and 842 won Engineering inspiration

My vote is for the TechnoKats. What?? They didn’t win a RCA? Oh well, not that my vote counts but I’d vote for them anyway!

118 won honorable mention in 2005 along with 365 and 341 , but 1108 won chairman’s at LSR so 118 is not in the race this year.

In 2004, 341 was also an honorable mention. This was the first year of honorable mentions and I believe 1002 was another of the 3.

If I remember correctly, 342 was the third CHM team during 2004.

This year’s chairman’s Award winners,

The winners from out of state are,
1108 from Kansas won LSR (texas)
1429 from Texas won KC (kansas)
116 from Virginia won NYC
612 from Virginia won OH
126 from MA won NH
1318 from WA won OR
932 from OK won MO
364 from MS won LA

71 from Indiana won MWR (IL)

While out of state, that’s the closest regional to Hammond.

226 (Troy, MI) won West Michigan, which while in the state is further from them than either Detroit or Great Lakes.

I think we had this “What Is My Regional?” discussion last year, didn’t we?

Is any state represented by more Chairman’s teams than Virginia, looks like they have at least three from a quick glance: (116,612,1086)

i know michigan has at least 3 also
(27, 68 and 226)

4 from California: 812, 399, 692, 604

I’m hoping our friends on 359 will be the new Hall of Famers :smiley:

Thanks. We will definitely be prepared. We actually havent entered every year and felt that developing certain areas of our program first was a priority before really trying for it this year.
Regardless of what happens, we are all winners with RCA’s. I’m sure they are all equally excellent this year, no matter how many times each team has won it. Its about the impact that your program does currently.

I’m not sure who it’ll be, but 1086 will be there presenting, we’ve got our fingers crossed, and are working hard, but we’d like to wish every team there good luck! It’s a great accomplishment for all to have been a regional chairman’s winner.

Indeed, and that is something of which 41 teams should be extraordinarily proud. While it would be really a thrill to be recognized at the Championship as well, you have to admit, Regional Chairman’s Award is quite the honor in itself.

Just more proof that it’s not about the robot.



I’m personally rooting for 1676 just because we know them personally and know what their programs are based off of and I am impressed with how much they picked up from teams in the area and took it to heart and implemented it in a truly pioneering way.

LET’S GO PASCACK!!:smiley:

does LookingForward have anything to say about this topic? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to sing the praises of 476.

This is a team that has won an award every year they have competed since 2000, but this is the first year they have ever won the RCA even though they do an excellent submission every year.

They have been working hard over the past few years because they had a dream of having a regional in their own state of Oklahoma, Houston is quite a drive for them. They provided great assistance to me when I was trying to get a team off the ground, it took a couple of years but that team is now 2165 in Bartlesville Oklahoma. At the time, I believe it was only the 8th team to spring up in the state. This year, they made their dreams a reality. They were able to get the Oklahoma Legislature to pass $100,000 to start new FIRST teams. This made the FIRST community in Oklahoma explode! there were over 25 rookie teams this year, enough for Oklahoma to be able to have its own regional. Guess which team has been there the entire way to push this regional into a reality? 476.

What about those some 25+ rookie teams? How did they fair? well 476 hosted a satellite kickoff at Oklahoma State University. After all the teams had their kit of parts, they hosted a workshop so every team could go home with a working drivetrain on the first day of buildseason. There were no robots at the Oklahoma regional that sat in the corner the entire competition and did nothing.

Team 932 is also from Oklahoma, they won the Chairmans at the St. Louis Regional. I do not know anything from their story, but I don’t want to leave them out completely. I’m sure they also have had their hand in this magic.

I am rooting hard for my friends over on 476, but I doubt that a 1st year chairmans award winner will go home with the clock. That being said, you’ll be hardpressed to find a team that has done significantly more than the Wildcats of Ponca City.

I’m also rooting for 1676, simply because it would be fun to see Zara go absolutely nuts.

Yeah, that’s ALWAYS fun! :smiley:

But on a more serious note, as much as I obviously would love to see us (1676) win, I get the feeling there will be teams in contention for NCA that deserve it much more than we do. But, good luck to everyone!

Three days until the madness begins!

I’m rooting for 340 so FLR can have even more hall of fame teams.

But seeing any of the teams win is exciting to think about.