2008 New Jersey Regional

And as a repeat of my 2007 NJ Regional PSA

Very good point George - I totally forgot about that snow incident. Many teams could not go because their school told them no - that seems to be the only true damper if there is enough snow (to cancel school). Hopefully we do not have to have this issue because we want all teams possible to show up Thursday to get their testing in. 2 years ago, many teams were not able to do that :frowning: But we are all optomistic and will hope for sunny, warm, pleasant weather for the NJ Regional :slight_smile:

the weather really varies based on the year. The competition is the time NJ spring sports start. Some years the fields are covered in snow, other times you can wear shorts. so bring pants and a jacket, but snow isn’t guaranteed.

If you don’t like the weather in New Jersey, just wait a few hours…:smiley:

Whats not to love? 65 in August and 80 in October, you never know what the weather is going to be

A day where there is too much snow that prevents students from arriving (safely) to school to get their education :stuck_out_tongue:

No, that is not from webster either - it’s an Ashleyition… lol

You mean currently… with the SNOW!!! :ahh: Ugh lol

Anyone remember kickoff early this year? 72 degrees in Newark on January 7… Go Figure.

Yeah, it snowed today.

its kinda interesting sliding all the way down (not exaggerating) a icy/slushy mountain in an SUV, luckily the roads were empty

303 will of course be in attendance =]

Although in NJ we are unable to control the weather, as it has been said… we can almost guarantee it will be nice and cold for everyone; as I’m sure you will all realize while standing in line Thursday morning, bright and early =D

Should be a greattttt competition, and we are ALL very excited on 303.

Sounds good to me. :smiley: Team 1676 will bring our experiences from the Palmetto Regional social back up north… perhaps starting a game of X-Treme Duck Duck Goose!

And as for the weather:

I definitely remember a few years ago, when it snowed the Thursday of Trenton. My team was ready to call up kids in school, but they were all out early! :yikes:

My favorite advice I’ve ever heard about bad, icy weather was from one of my robotics coaches. He said something along the lines of, “Remember, in this kind of weather [icy, rain/hail/snow storms], your car will regard turning commands as merely a suggestion.” :slight_smile: Good advice if you ask me.

Looking forward to being there with my team.

My best advice is MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A HEAVY COAT. The Thursday morning when you get there, you will have to stand outside until the arena doors open at 8am. Typically, first week in February it’s COLD. Most kids bring sweatshirts or windbreakers, and me, being a Jersey native, I still think they’re crazy. Bring something to keep you warm - even if that means wearing gloves and a scarf. You’ll be glad not to go home with a cold!

And George…Javits is only 8 blocks from Penn Station. And the walk wasn’t THAT bad. Most of the sidewalks were pretty clear by Sunday.

Well Saturday they were still pretty bad, and 20 is just as much as 8…at least when walking through slush in the cold me thinks.

Either way…the Weather Channel is your best friend when you’re planning on what to wear to a regional…and remember people, the venue is an ICE RINK…we can’t do anything about the heat, if we did we’d have a water game on our hands. Granted, I know you FIRSTers wouldn’t be opposed to that, now would you?

As always team 41 will be in attendence. and hopfully not at the bottom of the boards. Swear to god odd years are bad luck. Even year baby, were ready to bring some heat.

That storm back in 06 was THE WORST. We still had school, but they told us we were’nt allowed to go. Luckily our coach got an “emergency field trip” and got some guys down late in the day on thursday. Hopfully we will not have such a problem this year. Last year we actualy started to clear thos “emergency field trips” ahead of time.

I KNOW TEAM 714 from Technology High in Newark will be there and once again we will face off :smiley:

congrats team 25 for ur win in 2006

Team 303 will be in attendence…perhaps with a surprise bot for fun :wink:

Judging by the scores from 2007, I will definitely keep an eye on the progress of the NJ regional. VCU had more defense/ramps than offensive bots, hopefully it’ll balance out this year.

Rookie Team 2590 will definitely there. Shoutout to Team Mercury!

As for the weather, NJ is known for bipolar weather, so will get the best of both extremes. 60 degrees in August, 70 in January. You really never know what we will get, but we are way overdue for snow, since we’ve had very little.

Calling all NJ Regional Teams:

The planning committee is looking for 8-10 mascots to help out with this years opening ceremonies.

What constitutes a mascot? To put it simply anything that is wacky and that isn’t your normal uniform. (Just wearing your uniform and coloring your hair wouldn’t apply, but if you colored your hair while wearing a bird head, then you’re good)

If you’re interested send me a PM, and i’ll let you know the details. If you’re not sure as to whether or not you’re a mascot, just send me a picture.

Hoping for a fantastic competition this year.