2008 Oklahoma City Regional

Wanted to post some preliminary info on our regional.
1 huge item of note we will be the ONLY regional or competition with 10 x 15 pits.
We will have seating right up next to the field with a team viewing area.

We are really excited with our venue and the facilities it has to offer. We have the room to potentially expand to a 3 field regional at some date in the future with enough teams. It should be a very good first yeat event.

If anyone out there has the time come see us in OKC - you’re always welcome.

Our only regret this year is not having more veteran teams to help with all of our rookies.

We finished the St Louis regional and had very good event. It took a little bit for the driver to get used to the penalties that this geme is becoming famous for. We are trying to make the necessary arrangements to get to your event. We were not planning ahead for this event but the students feel that we could do better than we did. We should have a final work on all the arrangements today. We will be there with a very small team but will do anything to help rookie teams. Keep an eye out for the really fast Ferrari with alliance cordinated chassis underglow lighting. Hope to see you there.

Team 1098

I will be your pit announcer. If one of the many, many rookie teams at this regional needs electrical help, I may be able to troubleshoot a bit in between listening to the voices.

Andy, good to hear we will have some more veterans at the OKC regional. We have a lot of plans to make it an extremely good event.
If you want send me an email at yorkkm@yahoo.com if you’d like more information when the event gets closer.


Where will teams be staying while in Oklahoma City?

We’re making our travel arrangements now. We’ll visit the memorial while we are in town. Does anyone have other suggestions?


I think I am volunteering - I never heard back…

I work downtown just a few blocks from the cox center so if anyone has questions about what is in the area just let me know.

If there are rooms left at the downtown courtyard I would stay there, the beds are heavenly!

I will be there volunteering all the way from Rochester, NY! And I am coming with one of Team 1511’s Super Team Moms to give support to all of the rookie teams! This is Shelley’s and my first “Girls Weekend Out” so we will have to watch out that we aren’t too much like Thelma and Louise. We are excited!!! And to add to that, Jane Young from Texas is coming too! :smiley: You’ll find Jane and I wearing the black and white referee stripes while Shelley will be assisting in Pit Administration. So be sure to stop and say hi!

And all I can say at this point is after having over 30 inches of snow this week in Rochester, I sure hope it truly is spring in Oklahoma!

See you soon!

We are getting very excited about our inaugural event in Oklahoma City. We have 24 rookies that are ready to hit the ground running.

We are also very excited to have so many wonderful volunteers to come help us. THANK YOU

Cynette & Jane —watch out! I’ll keep an eye on you…haha

Thanks to all the wonderful supportors who believed that we could have such a strong FIRST showing in Oklahoma.

We’ll behave.
psst, Thelma and Louise, are you listening?!

I’m looking forward to meeting all the teams and being a part of this inaugural regional in Oklahoma. The teams have always been so awesome in supporting Lone Star. It’s an honor to volunteer!

See you soon!

I won’t be able to make it until Saturday due to work (I’m an instructor, and Thursdays/Fridays are when I turn my classes loose)…but you should see me prowling around OKC then. I’ve volunteered to help out with anything on that day if it’s needed, so who knows what’s going to happen until I get there!

All the way from New York WOW! I am impressed. The FIRST community is so giving to each other it is what makes it special…Weather should be in the seventies for Thursday and Friday and drop into the 60’s on Saturday.
It is spring and the possiblility of severe weather looks to be non existent for those days so that is good news. For those of you coming from afar give Tonya or I a shout and let us know how we can make your stay more enjoyable.

Here is the link for the OKC Webcast. Sorry for the delay but we just recieved it this morning. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/oklahoma-city-first-robotics-regional

I am soooo looking forward to coming out to OKC. See ya’ll soon.

Andy B.

Yes we are looking forward to everyone coming here - She you tonight.

I’m so glad to hear that there will be a webcast!

Oh, Wait! Now I really have to hustle to learn how to do all the dances so I won’t look really silly between matches! :ahh:

See you tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Oh man! Hustle! I get it!

Just thought I’d chime in to say I’m looking forward to the long awaited Oklahoma Regional. I’m hopping on a plane EARLY tomorrow morning and I will be there on Friday and Saturday.

Just FYI, video from today (Friday) is now up on SOAP108:

Finally free from the clutches of work! See all of you in Okie City tomorrow ;o) I shouldn’t be too hard to spot…I’ll probably have to dig up an old school FIRST tshirt to wear so I don’t stick out too bad! :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I still had my Florida tie dye…

This will be my boyfriend’s first introduction to FIRST as well…who knows, if we get lucky and I can network, I may be back in time for 2009…

All but one of the qualification matches are up on SOAP108.

Congratulations to 476 on the Regional Chairman’s Award, and to Tonya Scott on the Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Also, a big shout out to STL area team 1098 and their amazing racer 'bot. The represented us well by seeding #2, and showed they have top-notch scouts by picking 476.

Who won the WFFA? The FIRST site only shows that it was a 476 mentor, but lists the name of the team instead of the individual.