2008 PeachTree Regional

Hey, just wondering who all will be going to the 2008 PeachTree Regional?!!

Rookie Team 2415 WILL be there!!!:yikes:

SOUP 1848 will be there.

343, Metal in Motion will be there too. We have volunteered and competed at Peachtree in the past, you’ll love it!:smiley:

1379 can’t wait to be there (at least after the robot is built).

1319 will be racing down that way. We hope to find some good competition. The last time we were at the Peachtree regional was my first year on robotics, wow, time flies.

Heres a list, don’t know how current though

Cool, good to know Flash will be at Peachtree, Chimera is missing out on Palmetto.

yeah… im definently ready for peachtree… of course after our robot is done… :smiley:

Technomancers Will Be There! :slight_smile:

Torbotics will be there, first time there second year in competition though.

Sorry to hear 832 will not be at the palmetto regional, at least we’ll have a chance to make it work at Peachtree.

Hey!!! 1261 will meet ya’ll there too(considering it’s like i five minute drive). We’ll also see all o’ yall at Palmetto. 1261…someone guess the team name…you get a prize if you guess it…:cool:

TEAM 538 will be there AGAIN

to the person from team 1261, yall are the peachtree ridge robolions

Nice, hey, look me up at the regional…i’ll give you your prize…:smiley:

Just wondering, who alls coming to the scrimmage this Sunday?/???

We are trying to get over there. We signed up but still not 100% yet.

IS there a limit to the number of pre-fabricated parts we can bring to the competition? Like weight or number?

Appreciate any answers.

<R29> and <R41> address this issue.

I’m a mentor for Team 1379 (Norcross).

I’m thinking about running a code review at this regional. Would there be any interest?

If there’s enough interest, I’d like to try to get a space for it.

If we do it, I’d also like to have programmers or mentors from other teams sit in on the reviews.

Any takers?


I’ll be at Peachtree again as your Lead Inspector…
I hope all of you have been reading those rules and updates !!!

My wish list of things I hope I don’t have to deal with:

  1. Flag stick holders that aren’t constructed per the rules. Honestly, there is only one approved design. Please build it this way.

  2. 4" x 3/4 stroke team numbers that utilize contrasting colors. Folks need to see your team number from 100 feet. Scribbling your team number on a sheet of notebook paper with a #2 pencil just isn’t going to get it.

  3. Modifications to the “Standard Bumper” design. The rules are quite clear on how bumpers are to be constructed but I fear that some may try to “improve” the standard design.

  4. Illegal gearboxes/Illegal motors. This one hurts the most for me because it’s such a long process to find legal parts and get the team back in competition. A good example of this is the BaneBots 12:1 56mm CIM Gearbox (P/N GP-56012) from last year.

Please know that my intent for the Peachtree Regional is to HELP you get through inspection with a robot that meets the rules. If you feel strongly that an inspector as ruled wrongly on any issue, please ask to speak to the lead inspector. That’s what I’m there for.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all March 13-15. Good luck! :cool: