2008 Philadelphia Regional!

All news and information concerning the 2008 Philadelphia Regional should be discuss here.

Can’t wait to see what happens at Drexel!

Thanks for pointing me here.

Where have teams stayed in the past? It appears most hotels are not really close. I’m looking ideally for walking distance to the venue. If not how is the public transportation?

So when in Philly you eat the cheese steak. I need to know where to go.
So Far…
Pat’s Geno’s John’s

It’s a sign… we are going to this one John… lol :smiley:

Don’t, Geno’s is right next door. And Geno’s tastes SOOOOO much better. Pat’s is still good, but Geno’s is AMAZING.

Any results on hotels? We are looking at places to stay and find the close ones arent cheap or recommended… but we dont want to be too far from the venue…

The closest hotel is the Sheraton University City Hotel. It’s only a few block from the event, easily within walking distance. The Hilton Inn at Penn is the second closest, only a couple blocks south of the Sheraton. Those are the only two hotels actually inside of University City that I know of though.

If you choose to stay in Center City, or outside of University City and want to use public transportation; I recommend only using regional rail (which is available downtown). With students, I would not recommend the subway, I don’t even take the subway.

Good eats:

Hard Rock Cafe (Center City)

Any Steven Starr Restaurant ($$)


Pat’s and Geno’s will be a debate for eternity - they are both amazing cheesesteaks. (South Philly)

Reading Terminal Market - any food you could possibly want (Center City)

Cereality (University City)

Both good hotels but not cheap. We’ve stayed in both over the last few years of going to the Philly regional. Also the Sheraton Rittenhouse is outrageously nice and expensive. We usally booked out of convenient location bec ause with 4 to a room prices weren’t that bad.

Rage stayed in Jersey on the cheap in 2006 I think but I don’t know where. They might be able to help with what they did.

Forget Pat’s and Geno’s … they are good … but you are also close to the very underrated Abner’s http://www.abnerscheesesteaks.com/aboutus.html

I recommend a “Cheese Steak Wit” and crisscut fries :slight_smile:

Nice… :cool:

Ooh, that looks Trendy & interesting.
That’s going on the “places to-visit” list as well.
http://www.cereality.com/main.php :cool:

I might be able to make it this year, maybe. No promises. I enjoyed RR so much I want to see a Philly Regional!

Abner’s has it’s merits, but if you really want an underrated (and awesome)steak you gotta have Chickies and Petes down on Broad+Packer. You’ll need the subway to get there, but its only about 15 mins from Drexel.

The food in the Drexel cafeterias can also hit the spot if you don’t want to walk too far.

As a Drexel student, I can tell you that it’s nothing special. But all you can eat and a semi-wide variety helps. One of a the few places that you won’t really have to worry about finding everyone on the team something they like.

make sure you get some Crab Fries while at Chickies and Petes!

Dave and Busters is downtown too - always a blast for all ages.

I don’t think Drexel Cafe’s will be open, as they are on break at that time.

Since when did D&B decide to open to all ages?? (This is a serious question.) If I could volunteer, I would, but since classes will eat up my college experience then, it’s out of the cards. But let’s throw in the mandatory hooters trip for any team that wants to do it. Let’s face it, we robonerds need a little “hoot me up” on our games. :wink:

Philly has two D&B’s, and both always have little kids in them. Perhaps you just have to have an adult with you? I take my sister/brothers in-law a lot and they are only 6-14.

Philly doesn’t actually have a Hooters in the city. There is one in NE Philly and one in KoP if teams are staying in that area.

Maybe it’s just me, but for a nice chicken cheesesteak and regular cheesesteaks, I recommend a little place right next to the Franklin Institute on the corner of N21st and Race St. (Visible from F.I. parking garage entrance) I don’t remember the name of the place, but every time I go up to the Franklin Institute that is where we stop.
PS-They like you to order before getting a table when the place is hopping (which it has been every time I go) so I just get it to go most of the time.

If you go down to Old City to see the liberty bell (no ticket needed), or Independence Hall (free tickets available at visitors center -but you might not need them in March-), there is a buffet inside the Bourse bldg. opposite the Liberty Bell Center. Pick what you want and pay by the pound. Not a ton of seating though.

Ashley is referring to the SEPTA here. For you out-of-towners, Septa is the regional rail system, and one of the main stops on most of the lines is the 30th street station, which is just a few minutes walk from the regional. You can stay almost anywhere that’s near a septa stop http://www.septa.org/maps/click_map.html and if your line goes to 30th street station, you’re “good to go.” Incidentally, 30th street station is also a good place to go for lunch as it has a pretty good selection of take-away and fast food in its eatery area. Team 708 is excited to see you all in Philly!

Philly is a very diverse town with plenty to do & see.

Reference the above for the public transportation map, you can get anywhere in the city without a lot of trouble. The subway (either the Broad St. or Market Frankford L lines) are NOT horrible, so long as you get off at the proper places.

In terms of opinions on food, as you have seen, everyone has an opinion.

Truth is that Pat’s & Geno’s are considered the cornerstone of the cheesesteak business (one of the was involved in a Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network not too long ago).

Other food to enjoy that you can not get elsewhere, Philly pretzels & Tastycakes, neither should be missed by a first time Philly visitor.

There are MANY fine entertainment establishments & beverage locations, certainly eating while overlooking the river is nice. Additionally, right across the river is the Camden Aquarium & the USS New Jersey Battleship, but I would NOT venture elsewhere in Camden.

Hope ALL the visitors enjoy your stay. Feel free to post any other questions (I have lived in the area ALL my life and spent 5 years at Drexel as a student).

Additionally, right across the river is the Camden Aquarium & the USS New Jersey Battleship, but I would NOT venture elsewhee in Camden.

you can say that again i go to school at the camden campus of rutgers(right by the waterfront aquarium and the baseball park that part is nice but unless you know where your going don’t venture into random parts of camden