2008 Pittsburgh Regional Webcast

CIA Team 291, in working with FIRST and the Petersen Event Center, is excited to announce that we will be providing the

2008 Pittsburgh Regional via Webcast!!!

The webcast will be available to everyone at…


Feel free to share this link with family, friends, schools, government officials, media, and/or anyone who is interested in FIRST.

Our team looks forward to this opportunity to share the Pittsburgh Regional, both this year and in the future.

This is really cool, because since this is team 326’s first time out to the Pittsburgh Regional, it will be really nice to have the rest of our family and friends to be able to watch the webcast from over 250 miles away at our hometown of Romulus, Michigan… So I’d like to thank team 291 for do this :stuck_out_tongue:

WOOHOO! Thanks, guys. Now how about a robot pic? :slight_smile:

I am setting up a high power wifi system at PITT, with a bandwidth of 300 mbps if you need any help with communications within the arena let me know I’ll give you access to the system. The system will also have a scouting database available to all teams :slight_smile: and for rookie teams if any there might be tutorials and interesting videos.

Hey Thanks for webcasting the regional…i love it and hope to see yinz there

looks good fellas, but someone should tell the video people to have the camera switch to the field to see the robots instead of only the scores?

I am only getting the scores and a white screen? Is this the same for everyone?

Edit* Oh and thanks 291 for giving me a chance to see my team in actions! Best of luck to all teams there!

yeah same for me… im banging my head against walls cause i wanna see 522 go! lol:eek:

now its just off :frowning:

There was no video Thursday(as you already found out). You should get robot video on Friday and Saturday.


Well I hear Audio and I see the normal FIRST screen but uh one small issue…

The volume is way to low!!!. I can barely hear the Head Ref talking. :eek:

Post up how it is after matches start and if needed I’ll track down the team to see if they can make adjustments.


will do… when does opening ceremonies start anyway? should they not have begun already?

Three minutes, at 0930. :slight_smile:


i cant hear it very well… bah… van halen FTW

Volume is still too low

video is good, but the audio to video is bad. the video is about 13 seconds behind audio.

theres like 120 people looking at this thats why…

someone tell c.i.a to put back on that webcast :ahh:

i wanna see awards :frowning: