2008 Program Books

All information about your team for the Program Book for each of the Regionals will be downloaded by FIRST HQ-due **Tuesday December 18, 2007. **http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=454

Please make sure that your sponsors are listed to-date, your team name, school, (and team motto, and robot name if you want these included) are correct, and there are no typos. Make your sponsors proud-get their name right.

This information must be updated in the TIMS.


Is this the final deadline for the program book? Our team, like many others, typically doesn’t name our robot until after kickoff. The robot name is usually inspired by the robot design, or a memorable event/person from the build season.

Great question.
Let me try to clarify with FIRST what things can be updated, if any, and I will post here.
I was just following the calendar.

According to Wendy Trommer at FIRST-she coordinates all the program books-the Dec. 18 date is firm and is actually two weeks later than prior years. “We are in a difficult spot, we either give the teams more time and the regional planning committees less or vice versa.”

She has information pouring in from 41 regionals this year and the deadline for the week one regional committees is Jan. 9.

Hope this helps.

It is a lot of information to gather, that’s for sure.

We’ve missed this deadline a time or two. This year we will work not to.
I agree with Karthik that the robot name is closely connected to the game/build but if this is the deadline, we’ll deal.

Thanks for looking into it for all of us, Jenny!