2008 Rah Cha Cha Ruckus

The 2008 Rah Cha Cha Ruckus is happening November 1,2008 @ Webster Thomas High School in Webster, New York.
Along with FRC we are featuring Vex (or FTC) and FLL. There is also the ever popular Pie in the Eye fundraiser and other cool games.
Registration for teams and volunteers opens July 28th.

Back and better than ever. One event you won’t want to miss!

Here’s the website ** NOTE NOT UPDATED FOR 2008 YET**


Here’s the Facebook Page too:

the logo looks great Ed. I’m looking forward to another great Ruckus event.

Now that the Vex game is out, would people rather play that game or a custom designed game by the committee members of the Ruckus?

Please also note that the Volunteers page & Team Registration pages are now complete and active!! We need 50+ volunteers, so sign up if you can make it!!

As Alex mentioned, the committee has a game design for Vex or FTC robots to play, but we could do a version of the new Vex game if teams are interested and would be ready by November 1st!

Can I come??? Can I uhh uhh??? Please? :eek:

Are they still allowing you to cross the border?

only if you bring a robot for the vex and we can pie you first so you can not run away back to your country like you have each year… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Steve, here is a formal PUBLIC invitation to be our crazy announcer for our 4TH year!!! As long as you dont mind working with Angry Eric again! :slight_smile:

Pies anyone??

Thanks for the invite. I would not miss the event unless on my death bed. Kim I will need a place to rest my head Friday evening please. As for Eric, what can I say? He has come a long way and makes a great MC. Maybe not a great taste in women but … :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never not completed my obligations. It is just that most people have left and the cameras are put away. As for a VEX robot, it depends on whether My robot is ready for the CNRG competition for fire fighting. I could bring as a demo if it is working.

Some news about the VEX/FTC game for the Ruckus.

By the way, Steve you were a very very bad boy last year hiding your bag so we couldn’t pie you in front of the crowd.
I’m trying to talk Kim into pie you good and early so that you won’t get away (and I will have a back up back just in case). Thanks for making her decision easier.:stuck_out_tongue:

What??? I don’t have a clue of that which you are talking. Thou thinkest that I, would resort to maketh things unfair or difficult? Shame on thou for such dastardly thoughts. I did take said pie with all of the grace that can be mustered for such an event. I questioneth thou on the house keeping that thou hast, in that thou misplaced said bag. What sayest thou???

You are welcome to stay at Casa de Ben and Karen…
It wouldn’t be Ruckus with out you!
What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Planning on coming back up to Rochester for my second Ruckus! Just need to be 150% that I have a break in school (which I’m 99% sure I do) to come up, and find a place to stay… (Cormier? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ) Can’t wait for this years Ruckus.


Hmm… will this happen again this year chuck?

That sounds great. Thanks in advance for your hospitality. Should I add some more colour in the bathroom?

Candy??? HMMM? Chocolate is always good but I need to wait for my blood tests. I may be getting away from sweets.

I’m uber X-cited about the Ruckus…
so what teams are going to be going?

Well so far it’s us and Rolling Thunder.
Hopefully more will decide to join us.