2008 Regional Chairman's Award Winners

NJ regional: Team 1676, Pascack Pioneers

NASA/VCU: 1086, Blue Cheese

Midwest Regional: 71 Hammond

Finger Lakes Regional: 340 GRR

NJ regional: Team 1676, Pascack Pioneers
NASA/VCU regional: Team 1086, Blue Cheese
Finger Lakes Regional: Team 340, GRR
Midwest Regional: Team 71, Hammond

NJ regional: Team 1676, Pascack Pioneers
NASA/VCU regional: Team 1086, Blue Cheese
Finger Lakes Regional: Team 340, GRR
Midwest Regional: Team 71, Hammond
Granite State: 126
Oregon: 1318
St. Louis: 932
PHX: 842
Kansas City: 1429
VCU (not posted yet)
San Diego: 812

Congratulations All :slight_smile:

Congrataulations one and all!

I was just wondering what you guys did to achieve the awards? Like community service,etc.

You can look at our Chairman’s submission here: 2008
and pervious years submissions here: 2007

Of course, these are just reports of what our team did and what we felt was appropriate to report that would be of interest to the judges. Achieving the award is a matter of judgment by some human beings that are looking at quite a few incredible teams.

After not winning a Chairman’s Award, we wonder, “what could we have done better or I wonder what the judges were looking for…?” which, of course, is our competitive impulse talking. After a day or so, we realize that the things that we did, mostly, were not done for awards or recognition, but rather that they were fun or it was a very positive experience for us or others and it just grows year after year. More of a function of how much energy and time we invest.

Planning for the Chairman’s Award a year ahead is great for brainstorming, but in the end, your team will do what is intrinsically satisfying to yourselves while being of service to others.

Since we are not bing involved in the judging process, we can only guess how the volunteers decide on the one winner. We tell our Chairman’s team, after they have written the essay and practiced their presentation, that, if the judges are truly wise, they will study what the team has done (over three years?) and make their call. The Chairman’s team (or essay or presentation) does/does not win the Chairman’s Award, but rather the efforts of the entire current team and those who have graduated and parents and those who have been touched by your team. However, being humans, judges will possibly be influenced by the emotional impact of our presentation and the quality of the written work.

So, looking at other entries and seeking advice is good, but in the end, you will do what you do because it is satisfying and the Charmian’s just happens (or not).

Congrats on Team 842 for Winning Arizona Chairmans 4yrs In a Row!

Thanks for all the kinds words throughout the year. You guys rock! Are you going to any other regionals?

San Diego Regional

This is our third Chairman’s Award. Next Challenge: shipping kids off to Atlanta.

It’s MARS 1523 in Florida. Congrats Guys!

Congratulations to my friends up north in Detroit, Team 27 RUSH for winning the Chairman’s Award!

Congrats to 291 C.I.A. for winning chairmans at Pittsburgh. Always a great team and good competition in the finals!

Congrats to 768, We were rooting for you & the Baltimore Alliance!

Nice work Robyn, Fred & all the kids.

I second this sentiment. It was a good weekend for CIA and Woodie Flowers Award winner Mike Hayes - Thanks for all your help CIA

From TEAM 1311, Kell Robotics we would like to congratulate The Rockets, TEAM 34 for their win at the Peachtree Regional.

They just won the 2008 Peachtree Chairman’s Award !!

A great award for a great team !!

Congrats to Team 1714, More Robotics, on their Chairman’s Award at Wisconsin. Great job!

Thanks!!! Everyone on our team is thrilled!!! I can’t wait to present in Altanta!