2008 Regional dates announced in VIMS (I think)

David’s post led me to look on VIMS, and I’ve got a hunch that we now know most of the event dates.

If VIMS is to be believed, they are:

2/28-3/1: BAE, Midwest, New Jersey, Oregon, St. Louis
3/6-3/8: Arizona, Finger Lakes, Kansas City, VCU, San Diego
3/13-3/15: Boilermaker, Chesapeake, Detroit, Florida, Peachtree, Pittsburgh, Silicon Valley, Wisconsin
3/20-3/22: Buckeye, Lone Star, Los Angeles, UC Davis Sacramento, Waterloo, West Michigan
3/23-3/25: Israel
3/27-3/29: Bayou, Boston, Colorado, Greater Toronto, Great Lakes, Las Vegas, Palmetto, Philadelphia, Long Island
4/3-4/5: New York City

Missing to my knowledge are Hawaii, Seattle, and a follow-up (if any) to the Brazilian Pilot from last season.

I’m not booking tickets yet, but it is something to contemplate.

I saw this yesterday as I was registering as well.
GLR is going to be a whole new ball (tube, box, tetra) game in 2008! Having been a week 2 regional for as long as I can remember, moving to week 5 is going to radically bump up the level of competition.

Looks like none of the new regionals are on that list, since Oklahoma City and Minneapolis are missing as well. Also, I don’t see the Connecticut regional on there.

Great Lakes Week 5!

If that’s a tentative schedule of the regionals, I’m pretty happy, because the Boilermaker and Midwest regionals are finally not on the same weekend! :slight_smile:

Let’s hope that this stays true!

The Hawaii regional is set for March 27-29, 2008, week 5. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll say it, this schedule sucks for Michigan teams.

You’re telling me that the 3 Michigan regionals are back to back to back? Yeah, let’s see the schools let their kids out 2-3 weeks in a row. Thaaaaaat’s gonna happen…

Well, guess they’re giving the logistics coordinators a challenge…

Easter is Sunday March 23. That means many schools will be on break either week 4 (Mar 20-22) or week 5 (Mar 27-29).

I’m not sure how some of the West Michigan schools will take to having competition on Good Friday, though.

Most, if not ALL Michigan school’s spring breaks will be the week of March 16 (before Spring Break). The state testing window (either the official or make up session, i’m not sure) for the Junior class falls the week after Spring break and that is the ONLY time the test can be performed, mainly since one of them is the ACT and it has to be done at the same time/day as everyone else. Therefore, most schools are opting to schedule Spring Break before Easter in order to accommodate the testing and not interrupt Spring Break with testing.

Week 5, in the case of the Capitals–naturally, the week of Palmetto. I went through this once before, in 2005 with 1293, and it was not a particularly enjoyable experience with half the team out on their own vacations.

Chesapeake and Pittsburgh on the same weekend? Looks like we might need a new second regional…

And do I see six weekends instead of five? That’s interesting…

if dates are true, then the detroit reg may become the one to go to for some schools. tthey would be out on break. wmr might take a hit because of easter,and glr will become very tough except toronto is at same time. might loss some canadian teams. looks like seven weekends.

LSR is week 4 this year, as opposed to week 5 last year. It also falls under our team’s spring break too, so I don’t miss any school! On another note, I’m surprised they moved Bayou back so much, I just hope Oklahoma is week one or two now.

Also I see 6 weekends [the Israeli regional falls in week 4] and I wonder if any of the new regionals [not mentioned above] will take a week 6 slot?


I don’t think this is right

It looks like the week 4 regionals are mushed in with the week 5s
but i honestly have no idea

It looks fine to me. Israel just happens to be during the week.

Also missing CT in there.

Take that list with a grain of salt until you see the finalized announcement.

As Andy said, everything is still in a finalization stage and may move around. I would not suggest booking plane tickets and hotels around this schedule. Wait for a final announcement coming from FIRST in the near future.

One other thing that came to my attention here is that 2008 is a Leap Year, thus being this week would be the Feb. 29th to March 1st… the 28th is a Thursday for 2008…

Pst, Ashley, Regionals are three days long. :smiley:

You got that right. We were looking forward to having those folks who always leave town at spring break able to see WMR. Our other preferred regionals (Boilermaker, but Wisconsin also) will also force the back to back situation. This really throws a wrench into our plans.

haha just kidding!!! it was 930 and my math was TOTALLY off there… i added in the 30th too for some strange reason lol… so we can strike my wrong opinion :stuck_out_tongue: thanks kristian!