2008 Regional Webcasts

If you know that your regional will be webcasted please post here with the appropriate link.

As far as week 1 regionals go, I believe Wildstang is planning on trying to webcast the Midwest regional here

Does anyone know of others?

EDIT: I’m not sure how updated the Midwest regional website is so that link maybe be in reference to a previous year… we will have to wait and see what 111 has to say.

And this is why everybody needs to search before they post. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there.

Wow, I searched “webcasts” but I forgot about checking for “streaming”. Maybe it should be a policy to search with a thesaurus as well. /Sarcasm

Let this be a lesson to all the kids out there that if you see someone who made a mistake, there are better ways to let them know about it.