2008 Robotics NASA Academy

I applied to the NASA Robotics Academy Internship Program and I was wondering if anyone else did too and if they heard from them yet. They said people would hear late March and I haven’t heard a thing yet. The description of the program is listed below in case you’re not sure what program I am talking about (and current seniors might want to think about applying for next year).

Description: The NASA Robotics Academy is a 10-week resident summer internship for students specifically interested in robotics. Students who have previously participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition, VEX, Botball, or have taken active interest in robotics in demonstrable ways are given priority. Participants are assigned to a team project sponsored by NASA/GSFC, local industry, or academic institution (4 students per project). In addition to direct guidance from the Principal Investigator (PI) who sponsored the project, an advanced robotic student is assigned as team lead to guide interns and manage the project on a daily basis. The interns and team leads participate in enriching activities such as a group project, lectures, field trips, and meetings with leaders in the field. The University of Maryland, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Science is also a GSFC Academy co-sponsor granting 4 credits to participants who successfully complete the Goddard program. Students with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodation services.

I applied. I’m almost sure I wasn’t accepted. They sent me an email about how “the program you applied to does not usually accept high school students.” In other words, a nice way of saying that I hadn’t been accepted.

But who knows. Good luck.

thank you

I applied and was accepted. About 2 -3 weeks ago, they requested a phone interview. After the interview, I was offered a position the next week. The deadline for replying was very soon afterwards, so if you haven’t heard anything yet, then you probably won’t.
BTW, for anyone next year who might apply - while you are waiting for a reply, make up your mind for sure whether or not you will do it. I wasn’t sure (granted, extenuating circumstances), and it caused major headaches.

It’s not uncommon for accepted people to hear from them until April.


Applicants needed to be at least rising college freshman (currently HS Senior).

I applied last year, was rejected and found that out mid April.

This year, I had a phone interview about two weeks. The interviewer said I should probably hear something in late March. I haven’t heard anything yet, I hope thats not a bad sign.

My friend got it last year as an alternate and he heard in late April.

I was in the program last year. Different sites have different timelines for acceptance. Don’t worry too much about it.

As some of the previous posters mentioned…

There are three different sites for the Academy:

Goddard, Ames, and Marshall

Each might have their own selection criteria and time lines.

Notifications will be given ongoing from this time on through the beginning of April.

Please do not be discouraged if you have not yet received an offer.

I look forward to working with those selected at the Goddard site!

-Gabe Goldman

Thank you so much for putting that post. I never would have thought that someone who is with NASA would respond to my inquiry. I can rest more easily now.

I am a senior. Silly Mark Leon got my hopes up! :mad: (and the hopes of some of my teammates)

Just apply again next year! The opportunity won’t be going anyway.

I had a phone interview in early march and was offered a position a little over a week ago. An e-mail I just received gathering mailing addresses had around 20 names on it or so; I don’t know if this is for the whole program so far or just the Maryland center. If it is the whole program I think that’s less than half of what the program took last year, meaning there are alot of open slots still.

Within the next few weeks all will be known. Don’t assume the lack of an interview means you didn’t get in either; my interviewer said he got in as a team lead last year and was never interviewed, just got a call one day with an offer.

Yeah, I’m sorry for being the pessimistic one. It’s just that I was passed up for a position at one center and almost missed my chance for another one due to reply deadlines. The people I talked to were really intent on getting their teams ASAP. That leads me to believe that they’ve already made their choices. However, centers could be on different timelines, as people said and they may be looking for replacement/backup people (they had to replace me).

? not quite sure where the confusion is.
If you are a HS senior, you are eligible.

This year, I was on the selection committee for the Robotics Academy–in reviewing applications and doing interviews.

In regards to when you might find out, here is a portion of the email from the coordinator, Dave Rosage.

I understand that many of you have received emails from applicants concerning when they will hear anything from the program. The best response is to let them know that they will be notified by email of their standing with the program no later than March 28th. Verbal offers are normally done through phone calls and an email is sent to those that did not make it into the program at the end of the month. Official acceptance packages are now being prepared which we expect to be mailed within a week to students selected for the Robotics Academy. Thanks again.

Was accepted at Marshall, but unfortunately had to turn down because I received another job offer whose deadline was shortly after.

To everyone who’s been accepted – Post the projects you’ll be working on! I’m curious to see what projects are being offered this year, and which ones are being continued from previous years.

I applied and was accepted to the program at Ames this summer!

For anyone who hasn’t been reading their e-mails, I just received an e-mail a day or two ago stating selections were over. There were about 125 position for a pool of 900 applicants. I look forward to seeing those of you who are at Marshall this summer.

Congratulations to those who got accepted and for those who weren’t don’t feel downtrodden, find another good program for the summer and apply again next year!

I’ll be at Ames for the summer. Anyone else here? Give me a PM.