2008 San Diego Regional

Haven’t seen a thread for the San Diego Regional, so I thought I would start one. EagleCorps Robotics Team 1158 from Colorado is very excited to be attending. We are looking forward to the excellent competition that this regional will offer. Good luck to all!!!

team 1323 is also excited to be there, i hope the weather is better than portland ( went there last year, extremely rainy)

Team 1622 will be there… Hell, we have to. Its our hometown!

I’ll be there as a freelancer… Probably rotating a few team’s shirts…

Gonna be weird enjoying a regional with no responsibilities.

Team 2543 will be there of course =] Hopefully we’ll have good weather, its been raining a lot lately

610 will be making its first trip to the west coast since we went to Sacromento in 2005, the guys are really excited for the west coast trip. The team will be bringing its catapult down from Canada, sadly I’ll be staying up here in the snow studying for exams at university.

I will be there volunteering on Saturday, please say hello if you see me! :slight_smile:

Team 812 will be there, along with all of Team San Diego.

We (330) are looking forward to SD. See everyone in a couple weeks… :slight_smile:

599 is there. And with the FIRST Aid Station again, though first year in a few that I have not ran it… anyways, see you all in SD, should be a lot of fun.

If that’s a problem I’m sure the Volunteer Co-ordinator can fix it for you!

anyone know where the social is going to be? Last year i know it was at that aeronautics and space museum. The regional site says that their is a social, but not where, at least i cant find it easily enough.

We were with you in those quarterfinals in SAC back in 2005 when we lost to the Poofs and their alliance. You bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm and will be looking forward to seeing you at San Diego.

1197 will be there. Good luck to all!

does anyone know the weather for the week

According to the National Weather Service, sunny with highs in the mid-60s and lows in the mid 50s.

thanks EricH

I remember those great matches, we sure did a number on defense against the poofs (in a game where defense was hard to play). 2005 for our team was a disappointing year on the field for our team, and since then have rebuilt the team a bit and have been far more competitive in the last two years.

The kids are bringing a good catapult bot down this year (think 103 in NJ, or kinda like 16 in Chicago (without the swerve)), it looks to be a successful design for this years game so far, hopefully we are just as competitive next weekend. Good luck to everyone, hopefully someone pulls together a webcast so that I can watch the team from Canada.

1138 will be down this weekend. I personally can’t wait, and am excited to be playing with (most of) the usual So Cal crew.

294 will be there. See you all there!

254 will have mentors there inspecting/supporting 968